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The current market environment isn’t easy for any business, large or small. The organizations that continue to thrive have one thing in common: they use Managed Services to run a range of their organization’s laborious processes and functions.

Organizations that employ Managed Services as a critical component of their strategy avoid being pinned down by the growing number of technology issues impacting modern companies.

High-Touch IT Services That Address Business Challenges at Scale

Even if you’re late to the Managed Services party, Milestone will work with you to create a digital transformation strategy throughout your organization using AI (Artificial Intelligence), Automation, and other customized solutions that address business challenges at scale.

Milestone’s service portfolio includes Application Services, Digital Workplace Services (DWS), Private Cloud Services (PCS), AI and Automation, and ServiceNow service management solutions. These can be packaged as Managed Services to help your organization accelerate its digital transformation journey.

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Gain insight into:

  • Why clients choose Managed Services versus hiring internal resources.
  • How Managed Services can accelerate results to drive your organization’s growth.
  • Our wide variety of Managed Services offerings, including AI, dedicated teams to create workflows, best-in-class security, and much more.

What Sets Us Apart (Other Than 25+ Years of Experience) Is Our Results

Agility to operate at the pace of our clients

Milestone’s remote Agile methodologies and online collaboration infrastructure helped a global top 20 highly automated port meet a critical cutover date to outsource their 24/7 IT support.

Hands-on executives and experienced industry veterans

Milestone executives helped an advanced farming technology solutions provider adapt a cloud architecture framework to identify High Risk Items (HRIs) and excellence-based standards across cloud governance and services that remediated ~2,000 services, enabling cohesive cloud management.

More nimble, flexible, and accessible than larger global system integrators

Milestone helped a global social networking company achieve annual savings of $5.1 million with customized solutions for optimizing ITAM throughput and efficiency that helped management and back-office teams improve task throughput by 42%.

A focus on innovation with an emphasis on AI and automation

For a multinational transportation company, Milestone’s Cognitive Automation team’s solution resulted in complete deflection and resolution of over 30% of all incoming tickets using an AI-based Virtual Agent to complement the human staff in their IT service desks.

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Learn how we help clients drive improved service, faster support resolution and more efficient operations.

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