Covestic CMDB Chat – Vlog 2: New ITOM Features for Discovery

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your source for CMDB insight from leading Covestic’s leading ServiceNow Exerts!Are you looking for ways to simplify credentials and expand Discovery without sharing credentials or opening additional firewall access? This week, one of our Discovery experts will highlight some of the newest features that extend the ServiceNow Discovery capabilities. Join this session to learn more about our team’s favorite Discovery enhancements!

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The agent-client collector (ACC) provides a mechanism to expand discovery to devices where sharing credentials or allowing firewall access is challenging. Listen in as ServiceNow Solutions Architect Kenneth Dowdle reviews the ACC and discusses use cases to consider for leveraging this agent-based discovery tool.

Just Enough Administration (JEA) allows us to perform Windows discovery without elevated credentials and the wide range of open ports required by Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). In part 2 of our session on IT operations management (ITOM) features for Discovery, Covestic’s ServiceNow Solutions Architect Kenneth Dowdle discusses the benefits of using JEA for windows discovery.

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