Resolve Customer Issues at Lightspeed

Discover how the ServiceNow CSM portal identifies who the customer is and what they need—suggesting self-service options when applicable, alerting the agent to the issue before the conversation begins and automating and facilitating collaboration across departments.

Why Covestic for a ServiceNow CSM Implementation?

Through an experienced team of Solution Architects, Technical Consultants and Engagement Managers Covestic successfully implemented ServiceNow’s largest Customer Service Management project to date.

The Covestic ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) team has specific processes and methodologies designed with first-hand experience to ensure the most efficient and effective use of the ServiceNow CSM platform. Building upon years of experience with the ServiceNow platform, Covestic expertly configures and designs the intricate interactions that revolutionize any organization’s customer service center using:

  1. Case
    • An event a customer faces, such as a stolen credit card. A case tracks all of a customer’s interactions and details of any actions taken by company representatives.
  1. Problem
    • Challenges that may occur as the case is being tracked by company representatives. These problems are quickly identified, solutions are implemented, and all necessary departments are brought in when necessary.
  2. Knowledge Management
    • Captures information about an organization’s services that enable agents to find answers when interacting with customers.

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