Strategic GRC Solutions

Strategic GRC Solutions

Enhance Organizational Resilience and Compliance

Strategic GRC Solutions from Milestone encompass a comprehensive approach to governance, risk, and compliance, ensuring that your organization operates with the highest standards of integrity and efficiency.

Our Capabilities

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Designed to align with your organization’s objectives, our Strategic GRC Solutions provide a balanced and integrated approach to governance, risk management, and compliance. Our services ensure that your business not only meets regulatory requirements but also gains a competitive edge through enhanced risk management and compliance strategies.

Environmental Health and Safety Services (EHS)

Effectively address the ethical, financial, legal, and safety concerns related to the workplace environment, including regulations and procedures aimed at safeguarding the health and wellbeing of employees and the public.

Our EHS services include:

Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS)

Ensure the overall effectiveness and efficiency of operations by integrating the precise aspects of management, control, and policy adherence your organization needs.

Our CaaS services include:

Enterprise Risk Management Services (ERM)

Secure intellectual properties and high-value assets during third-party transactions with Milestone’s Enterprise Risk Management Services.

Our ERM services include:

Trust and Safety Services

Achieve a robust framework for ensuring the safety, integrity, and reputation of your business in both online and offline environments.

Our T&S services include:

Legislative Compliance Services (LCS)

Safeguard against penalties and reputational damage that can result from not meeting the complex legal requirements of today’s regulatory landscape. Milestone’s LCS services provide the strategic and tactical solutions for all aspects of legislative compliance.

Our LCS services include:

Latest Compliance Alerts

At Milestone, we always have a pulse on the latest compliance mandates and legislation to ensure our clients remain compliant and avoid penalties.

Below are the latest compliance alerts we have identified. Please contact our team for a free consultation to discuss your questions and concerns with one of our experts.

California WVPP Mandate

Effective Date: July 1, 2024

Senate Bill (SB) No. 553 mandates that all employers in California establish a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP) by July 1, 2024. 

This legislation, extending protections to all employees, outlines specific requirements for WVPPs and stipulates penalties for non-compliance.

Mexico NOM-037 Remote Work Mandate

Effective Date: December 1, 2023 

New legislation in Mexico states the Labor Ministry of Mexico can now conduct inspections to verify if employers are compliant with the new NOM-037 standard for remote work.

Organizations found in violation can be fined up to a maximum of approximately USD $28,900.

Germany "Good Office Work" Requirement

Effective Date: January 1, 2024

A workplace accident notification requirement is the newest checklist addition to the Good Office Work standards for good preventative office work design that went into effect on January 1, 2024.

This represents just one of the many aspects you need to be aware of and compliant with if you have business operations in Germany.

New Washington Worker Wildfire Regulations

Effective Date: January 1, 2024

As of January 2024, the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries has mandated that employers with an outdoor workforce must have a comprehensive plan in place to protect workers from smoke hazards associated with wildfires.

Milestone Technologies can help navigate you through the new rules and ensure your organization is compliant and your outdoor workers are better protected.

Why Milestone?

Empowering Governance, Risk, and Compliance with Strategic Solutions.

Milestone’s approach to GRC is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in governance, risk, and compliance. Our Strategic GRC Solutions are designed to be comprehensive, yet flexible, adapting to the evolving landscape of regulatory requirements and risk management. We empower organizations to not just comply, but to excel, turning GRC into a strategic advantage.

  • Grow Customer Confidence and Loyalty
  • Strengthen Brand Reputation and Credibility
  • Enhance Employee Satisfaction and Productivity
  • Build a Strong Business Foundation








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