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Maintaining Operational Stability
and Business Continuity


For most organizations, IT Hardware and Software assets and their management, account for more than 25%* of IT budget. These assets often support major capital investments that require forecasting and planning. Managing and protecting these assets is critical to achieving an optimal return on investment (ROI) while enabling digital transformation initiatives and delivering a great customer experience.

The right IT Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) structure provides actionable insights for cost, manages security, reduces risk, optimizes your budget, and protects your investments. Milestone’s Near Zero Touch Asset Lifecycle Management is an operational solution designed for scalability; leveraging a combination of people, process, and technology to deliver end-to-end services from asset procurement to disposition.

* Source: IDC ITC Global forecasting 

Modern IT Asset Lifecycle Management Operational Framework

new ALM overview


 IT Asset Management is one of the largest ongoing challenges that organizations face. Efficiency and scalability are key components of an effective IT Asset Lifecycle Management Solution. Milestone can partner with you to address these challenges

business needs 1

Maintaining device security, proactive
monitoring, and vulnerability fixing

business needs 2

High inventorying and
warehousing costs

business needs 3 icon ALM

Inefficient operational workflow
impacting user experience


Superior End User Experience

With consistent customer experience scores above 95%, our service delivery organization takes pride in delivering exceptional service by ensuring device availability at the time of induction, subsequent management, and security of the device.

Superior End User Experience

Increased Visibility And Accountability Of All Assets

Using Near Zero touch imaging, all assets are tagged and provisioned before being dispatched to the employee. Increased visibility creates inventory intelligence for informed decision-making and brings operational agility. Milestone partners with you to reduce time and effort for IT asset management.

 Increased Visibility And
Accountability Of All Assets

Remote Monitoring And Support

User is authenticated remotely, which initiates automated software downloads, installation, configuration of necessary software packages, updates, and patches. Built to scale, our solution will automate and expand service capabilities while reducing cost.

Remote Monitoring And Support

Reduced Labor, Inventory, And Warehouse Costs

Working with several Fortune 50 organizations, our experienced Milestone team shares techniques and standards to optimize and enhance your asset lifecycle maturity. The disposition and auditing process is simplified through a specialized vendor once the device has reached its end of life.

 Reduced Labor, Inventory, And
Warehouse Costs

Improved Security And Vulnerability Management

By using Remote Monitoring and Management Tools, virtual and human service desk assistants can troubleshoot issues, keep software patches updated, detect security vulnerabilities, and fix them. Our platform partnerships enable us to deliver an integrated solution to meet your needs.

 Improved Security And Vulnerability


Whether it is Managing IT Assets, Device Security or Proactive Monitoring, Milestone Technologies Managed Services Can Fix It.


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