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Enterprise Audio Visual and Collaboration Infrastructure is Now Mission Critical

Before 2020, only large companies with multiple sites invested in videoconferencing. While supported by IT, AV support was never typically a top priority. With more employees working remotely and events going virtual, audio-visual conferencing, collaboration and events infrastructure has become mission-critical for many IT organizations.

  • Modern technologies enable scalable, low-touch, and remotely managed audio-visual conferencing operations.
  • The scope of audio-visual support has rapidly expanded to include personal video collaboration tools.
  • With the right tools and expertise, audio-visual services can reach the performance and availability service levels now required in today’s environment.

Enterprise Audio Visual and Collaboration Infrastructure is Now Mission Critical

Milestone Supports Mission-Critical Audio Visual (AV) Operations Globally

Milestone Supports Mission-Critical Audio Visual (AV) Operations Globally

Milestone enterprise audio visual managed services ensure end users have a positive user experience whether they are using videoconferencing in a corporate facility, collaborating via video while working from home, or attending a company-sponsored event.

  • Audio-Visual and Conference Room Services keeps all your conference room AV equipment operating at full capability and capacity.
  • Collaborative Solutions supports video collaboration services including Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms, and Google Meets, and the integration of these services with your enterprise systems.
  • Events and Production Services supports virtual and in-person town halls, all-hands meetings, and other larger events such as user groups and partner events.

Videoconference Rooms are Great Productivity Tools … When the Equipment Works!

Typical meeting room videoconferences challenges include dropped calls, no signal, blank screens, low-resolution images, low bandwidth, and call latency. Milestone’s Conference Room offering maximizes conference room service levels and employee productivity while reducing IT costs.

  • Services include program management, deployment, configuration, integration, automation, custom UX/UI. daily room reviews, preventative maintenance, break/fix support, hardware asset management, usability reporting, and CSAT and other KPI analytics.
  • Milestone’s Intelligent Operations service enables the configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and management of daily and weekly meeting room operations through a centralized operations center to minimize expensive technician trips to conference rooms.

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Many Remote Workers Completely Depend on Video Collaboration Tools to Perform Their Jobs

Milestone’s Collaboration Solution offers end-to-end personal videoconferencing platforms that maximize uptime and productivity for remote and work-from-home employees.

  • We support leading video collaboration platforms, including Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meets.
  • Milestone integrates these with enterprise service management and automation platforms to create end-to-end collaboration solutions.
  • We also integrate these tools with AV-equipped conference rooms and company-sponsored large events to create seamless user experiences.

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With More Events Going Virtual, Expert Audio-Visual Support for Your Large Events is Essential

In an era when even political conventions are going virtual, Milestone provides all the event and production support you need to ensure your virtual meetings come off without a hitch. Supported events include town halls, all-hands meetings, and other large events for internal and external audiences. Available services for both in-person and virtual events include:

  • Overall project coordination including vendor management
  • Equipment deployment, installation, configuration, and testing
  • Readiness testing
  • Operations support
  • Workforce solutions including artists, technicians, and support resources
  • Video recording and editing
  • Decommissioning support

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Global Software Company Delivers 3,000 Enterprise Audio Visual Events Thanks to Milestone

This global enterprise software company has over 10,000 end-users worldwide and maintains over 1,000 conference rooms. They wanted a high-touch audio-visual and event support service at all their campuses around the world.

  • Milestone deployed a dedicated team of 17 AV specialists to provide preemptive facilities reviews, break-fix services, and event support.
  • We have completed over 100,000 preemptive daily facilities reviews worldwide to verify conference room equipment is working properly.
  • Milestone has achieved a 100% ‘very satisfied’ CSAT rating as was recognized as a ‘most valued team’ for service delivery in 2019.

Why Choose Milestone for Audio-Visual, Collaboration and Event Operations Services?

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Our industry-leading AV solution offering delivers conferencing, collaboration, and events best practices on a worldwide basis.

  • Extensive experience providing AV managed services to Fortune 500 companies
  • Business continuity with DR and HA capabilities built-in into the solution design
  • Seamless integration with industry-leading collaboration platforms to offer end-to-end AV collaboration solutions
  • 24/7/365 monitoring that drives improved service through fast detection and reduced mean time to incident response
  • Real-time analytics and visibility into operations metrics and KPIs
  • Standard Operating Procedures based on industry standards such as ITIL & Lean Six Sigma
  • Scalable and consistent user experience with programmable UI interface
  • Superior ROI and customer satisfaction

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