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IT Service Desk

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Virtually every IT department that supports end users provides some kind of service desk. Yet many IT organizations face an ongoing struggle to maintain cost-effective and well-run service desk functionality. We are seeing automated service desks powered by AI-based Virtual…

Application Services Sales Sheet

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Milestone leverages its managed services experience in all its Application Services engagements to ensure your architecture always operates efficiently and deliver real business success. Download our Sales Sheet on Application Services
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Return To Workplace Sales Sheet

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In Our 20+ years of experience managing IT services for some of Silicon Valley’s largest companies. we have witnessed a plethora of ingenious solutions to business problems. However the unprecedented global pandemic has completely disrupted the traditional work environment, necessitating…
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Security Services Update Sales Sheet

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Digital Transformation and digitization is changing the enterprise risk posture due to proliferation of new technologies like cloud, mobile, AI/ML and big data, thereby increasing velocity of changes in the organization and exposing new threats for IT Infrastructure and information…