COVID-19 Pandemic Update

To Our Customers and Partners

As we respond to the COVID-19 outbreak and prepare for the new normal, Milestone’s top priority is the health and safety of our employees, our customers, our partners, and all of their families.  We fully understand the mission-critical nature of many of our services we provide to you and the key role they play in your business continuity strategies.

Since January, we have been monitoring the virus on a global basis and taking specific actions to ensure our ability to continue operations while adhering to all relevant regulations and guidelines. Milestone’s pandemic task force meets daily to coordinate information, actions, and communications across our organization, in support of our team and all of you.


As we all work through these challenging times, we are extremely grateful for our ongoing customer partnerships.  We continue to have the health and safety of our employees and services to our customers at the forefront of everything we are doing in response. Milestone is committed to supporting our customers as we, together, move towards the ‘new normal.

– Sameer Kishore, President and CEO


How Milestone is Helping Our Customers Ensure Business Continuity

At this point in the pandemic, many companies are either adopting potentially permanent work-from-home capabilities for employees, developing plans to reopen their offices once they can do so, or both.  Whatever your scenario, key objectives include ensuring business continuity, enabling staff to feel safe in their work environments, providing the necessary tools and capabilities for remote employees to be productive, and making sure the enterprise remains secure in a distributed environment. Milestone has initiated several initiatives to actively support our customer efforts in ensuring business continuity, employee safety, and productivity.

Return To Workplace

Milestone’s Return To Workplace will aid employees to ease back to the workplace. By leveraging our blended approach of people, process and technology, we provide a hybrid, comprehensive solution to address the challenges of the pandemic. This ranges from pre-screening to office reconfiguration, manual screening by trained associates to automated processes that include monitoring actions via infrared camera, medical trackers and Bluetooth-enabled contact tracers.