A leading FinTech payment service provider desired simple and secure payment solutions they could provide to businesses of all sizes worldwide.

Client Challenge

To address the complexity of the payment domain, the client needed teams to operate at the highest productivity. Training was essential to ensure that teams understood the concept of Payment processing. The client had load/performance testing challenges due to huge volumes of payment transactions with limited access to datasets due to restricted PII and PCI information.

Milestone Solution

Milestone provided a fully managed service from its offshore location, providing Application / Product Development services in an Agile delivery model with 45+ sprint teams. Milestone delivered a scalable technology landscape hosting 200+ microservices on the AWS cloud, catering to multiple business functionalities of over 7000+ customers across the globe.


Our work has resulted in a fully automated onboarding process for merchants with auto-decisioning, which has increased their client conversion rate to 66%. We implemented a digital trail of workflow supplemented with digital signatures and provided API-based integration for large merchants and partners. This solution resulted in a 90% reduction in overall operational work.

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