Milestone Cloud Services

A full suite of Cloud Services for a modern hybrid architecture.

Milestone Cloud Advisory Services
For Your Digital Transformation

With Milestone’s deep expertise in Cloud Enablement, Adoption & Utilization, you can build the modern hybrid architecture you need.

  • Organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to make architectural decisions because of the pace of change and technological diversity.
  • They lack a high-level cloud strategy, risk wasted investment, and fail.
  • They need a model that meets the unique needs of different use cases and business units while systematically examining scenarios for adopting cloud.

Milestone Cloud Advisory Services provide operating flexibility and enable cloud adoption using structural alignment, process governance, and knowledge curation. They also help develop a holistic multi-distributed hybrid cloud strategy that is flexible and agile to rapidly adapt.

Milestone Cloud Advisory Services can help your organization in its journey to digital transformation

Milestone Cloud Service Offerings

Milestone cloud experts help your organization overcome challenges and succeed in your cloud journey.
There are three components of the service offering:

Cloud Enablement

This involves Cloud Strategy and enablement,
assessment, and adoption services.

  • Cloud Strategy and Enablement: Work with business & IT groups and lay out an overall enterprise cloud strategy and adoption roadmap.
  • Cloud Assessment: Examine, assess and analyze the current cloud landscape to provide a comprehensive plan and recommendations on cloud adoption, maturity, and movement.
  • Cloud Adoption: Execute enterprise cloud target, including setup, implementation, governance, and operations.

 Cloud Utilization

This includes Application Migration and
Managed Services.

  • Application Migration: Determine application capability target states in
    achieving higher cloud maturity.
  • Application Managed Services: Build business capabilities utilizing cloud native services, technologies, and tools.

Cloud Operations

Help manage, maintain, govern, and support cloud
platform, tools, and technologies.

  • Deliverables include monitoring and alerting.
  • Workload deployment and change management.
  • Cost optimization, asset and service management.

Milestone Technologies is an AWS Consulting Partner

Milestone is also an AWS Consulting Partner
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 Milestone’s Phased Delivery Approach Enables Your
Organization to Manage and Deliver in a Scaled, Agile Manner

Milestone’s phased delivery approach will enable your organization to manage and deliver in a scaled and agile manner

Why Leverage Milestone Cloud Services? 

There are several challenges that can impede your journey to the cloud: A lack of inhouse technical skills, a volatile and
fast-evolving technology space, risks to compliance, compatibility, and security, diverse models to choose from (SaaS, PaaS,
FaaS, LaaS, etc.), complex integrations, and unique application needs.

With deep expertise of cloud enablement, adoption, and utilization, Milestone Cloud Services will help your organization
address technology challenges to successfully reach your digital transformation goals.
Why leverage Milestone Cloud Services?

Milestone Enables Cloud Strategy and MVCP Implementation for Large Multi-Business Enterprises 

The organization was lacking a comprehensive multi-cloud strategy, hindering cloud adoption and enablement

  • Each business unit had a siloed cloud migration approach with various shared services and no cost optimization.
  • A framework-based approach was needed, which would allow delivery of a cloud strategy, cloud architecture and roadmap, and implementation of cloud platform setup.
  • Milestone successfully delivered cloud strategy, published a Distributed Cloud Target Architecture, and implemented the Minimum Viable Cloud Platform (MVCP).

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