ServiceNow Rome: When in Rome, do like Customer Service Agents do

ServiceNow Rome Release provides monumental new Customer Service Management features to improve supporting your customers.

Customer Data Models for B2B2C

Now say B2B2BC two times fast, LOL. ServiceNow Rome Release provides a new data model to support your Business Customer’s Customers and Employees. This provides you the ability to manage customer service for multi-level customer relationships.

Customer Data Models for B2B2C

Next Best Actions for Your Customer Service Management Agents

With the ServiceNow Rome Release, you can now use decision trees to determine the best next action for your Customer Service Management Agents. This is extremely helpful for improving the assistance your agents provide to customers. The ServiceNow CSM Playbooks can evaluate the Case and provide your Customer Service Management agents with the next best action to take based on frequencies of issues and order of priority.

Dynamic Related Records for Your Customer Service Management Agents With ServiceNow Rome

ServiceNow Rome now provides the ability to dynamically relate records in the newer Customer Service Management Configurable Workspace based on the Case or Case’s Playbook. This provides your Customer Service Management Agents with the information they need just in time to help the customer.

Dynamic Related Records for your CSM Agents

These top three new features build upon the colossal ServiceNow platform. With these new functionalities, your Customer Service Management Agents can provide faster and more efficient service to your customers.


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