Top 3 Big Waves of San Diego Customer Service Management (CSM)

Surf’s up for the Customer Service Management (CSM) San Diego Release. Recently, I was captivated by HBO Max’s 100 Foot Wave documentary. Those gigantic waves in Nazare were awe-inspiring to watch being surfed. Similarly, ServiceNow has some enormous waves of new features for CSM.

Customer Service Management SD release

#1 Wave – Configurable CSM Workspace with Next Experience. The new Next Experience for CSM provides a modern, sleek, and efficient workspace for CSM Agents. You can now easily switch between your workspace, access your favorite work areas, and jump back to previous work through history. In addition, the more configurable workspace allows Customer Service users to fine-tune and tailor their workspace to best suit their needs.

Customer Service Management Configurable Workspace Landing Page

CSM Cnfigurable Workspace Landing Page 99

Customer Service Management Configurable Workspace

CSM Configurable Workspace


#2 Wave – Customer Access Management. The best part of a great day at the beach is sharing it with friends and family. CSM’s new Customer Access Management allows you to share a Case amongst multiple contacts. This is extremely helpful when different contacts need to monitor and participate in a case. In addition, a CSM Agent is able to establish new relationship types for the related parties to improve collaboration and efficiency of case management.

Related Parties for Case

Related Parties for Case


#3 Wave – Order Management. To ride the waves, you need the right gear. The brand new CSM Order Management allows for your customer’s multi-site and multi-product order management. Improve your customer’s order fulfillment with automated workflows tracking against orders and order items. Leveraging your existing CSM Product Models, you can now quickly provide a catalog-driven portal for your customers to order your sold products.

Brand New Order Management in Customer Service Management

Brand New Order Management in CSM

Those are the top 3 new features in the sunny San Diego release of Customer Service Management. I hope you enjoy surfing those new features onto the sandy shore of customer experience delight.


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