Top 5 Customer Service Management “Attractions” in the Orlando Release

Top 5 Customer Service Management “Attractions” in the Orlando Release

While I am sure these days, we would all love to be in Orlando’s Disney World with our families or friends instead of quarantined in our houses; the ServiceNow Orlando release features some fun and fantastic new Customer Service Management attractions (some features may even give splash mountain a run for its money!).

Check out some of my favorite new Customer Service Management features in the ServiceNow Orlando release below:

#1 Case Types

This great new functionality helps with scalability and segmentation of Cases. Customer Service Management (CSM) Agents are guided to create the proper Case Type to facilitate the assignment and management of different cases within the customer service organization. The Case Types can be used with the new Process Case Types action to process advanced conditional logic in Flows to meet your business needs.

#2 Customer Project Management 

I have heard this need from clients for a long time and I am elated that ServiceNow has finally released it. Often, the customer service team is supporting the roll-out, implementation, or stand-up of new products/services for their customers.  This is a critical transitional period between the implementation/delivery team and the customer service support team. With the latest release, collaboration is more seamless through the sharing of ServiceNow’s powerful Project Management functionality with the customer.  Customers have real time status of their project tasks, ability to update their project tasks, and report any issues with their project.

#3 Customer Contact Approvals

This feature allows customers to approve actions for their business processes. Most customer service organizations have automated Flows to help with the request fulfillment of their customers.  Many times, those Flows require an approval by the Customer Administrator or Customer Manager to proceed with the fulfillment. This can now be achieved with the Orlando release out of the box.

#4 CSM Agent Workspace Response Templates

I am sure you have seen these with most of your interactions with customer support. The standard “Hello, my name is XYZ, how may I help you today?”.  Well, now ServiceNow can perform those templated responses.  This is a huge time savings for the CSM Agent who can now quickly apply the response templates to their Case.

#5 CSM Agent Workspace Highlights

Scrambling to create a new case or update a case while you have a frustrated customer on the phone? Wouldn’t it be helpful if critical case information were prominently displayed for you? Good news, ServiceNow can do that! The Case in the Agent Workspace can highlight and call attention to critical information about a Case like Priority.

These are just a few of the stellar new attractions provided in the Orlando release. We hope the new features and capabilities will go a long way toward transforming the effectiveness of your Customer Service Management team. To learn more about ServiceNow Orlando release or Customer Service Management from ServiceNow, reach out to the Milestone team.

To check-out how some of our large enterprise clients are utilizing Customer Service Management to transform their client services organizations, check out our case studies page.


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