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Modern IT Infrastructure is Far More Complex and Difficult to Manage than Traditional Data Centers

According to Gartner, data center managers face unprecedented challenges:

  • In addition to keeping mission-critical applications running and secure, they now must also enable businesses to rapidly respond to market changes and opportunities.
  • Data centers now must interoperate with cloud, colocation providers, and enterprises in hybrid IT architectures to support business objectives.
  • As IT and the business continue to add more external services, network and service complexity will become the greatest inhibitor to success.

Hybrid IT Infrastructure Services | Milestone Technologies Inc.

Data Center Services

Milestone Delivers Strategic and Day-to-Day Support to Hit Your Uptime and Agility Goals

Milestone’s IT Data Center Infrastructure Services team supports hybrid IT infrastructures with in-house and colocated data centers, public and private cloud service providers, SaaS platforms, and all the necessary integration capabilities.

  • Our Infrastructure Architects can build a strategic roadmap to get you on the path to Hybrid IT architecture success.
  • Our Logistics service gets your equipment acquired, delivered, installed, and operational.
  • Our Smart Hands support service keeps all your equipment operational.
  • Our Analytics service provides comprehensive visibility into all aspects of your infrastructure performance.
  • Our Network Operations Center (NOC) service proactively identifies, troubleshoots, and remediates issues in your environment.

Milestone Infrastructure Architects Will Build Your Hybrid IT Infrastructure Roadmap and Strategy

As IT infrastructure grows over time, complexity can become overwhelming. Milestone Infrastructure Architects can get you on a successful path to the new hybrid IT infrastructure for tomorrow. They will:

  • Review of your current environment, operations, architecture, security, cloud, hybrid, network, application performance, and business continuity plans
  • Identify issues such as multiple silos, technology upgrades, and unbalanced operating models that are holding you back
  • Build a roadmap for architecting your hybrid IT infrastructure to be scalable, agile, secure, reliable, and future-proof
  • Show you how to modify your operational processes to give you better visibility, control, capacity planning, and utilization

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Hybrid IT Infrastructure Services | Milestone Technologies

Milestone Handles Your Supply Chain, Inventory and Asset Management Challenges

With the vast number of assets required to operate today’s large-scale IT infrastructure, IT logistics has become extremely difficult.  Milestone’s Logistics service can handle any or all this complexity from arrival to EOL.

  • Milestone manages the supply chain, warehouse, inventory & asset management, and audit compliance for all our infrastructure assets.
  • We handle inbound services, inventory management, and shipping/transfers regardless of location.
  • As you procure equipment, Milestone can receive, asset tag, stage, install, cable, and remote configure it to allow your services to go live.
  • Milestone also performs complete analytics including inventory tracking and software license management.
  • At EOL, Milestone handles the complete reverse logistics process including coordination with remanufacturing and e-waste vendors.
  • Milestone also handles IT Asset Management for your workplace devices.

Data Center Services

Milestone Smart Hands Keep Your IT Equipment Running Smoothly

Milestone offers a broad range of customizable support services designed to complement your existing organization.

  • Comprehensive Service Desk capabilities
  • Ticket diagnosis – your ticketing system or ours
  • Break/fix and troubleshooting
  • Server maintenance and network support
  • Performance data analytics
  • New hardware introduction testing
  • Decommissioning projects

Data Center Infrastructure Services | Milestone Technologies, Inc.

Milestone Provides Comprehensive Visibility into IT Operations

With all the siloed operations, tools, and ever-changing technologies, operations managers often don’t have the visibility they need to operate effectively. Milestone’s operations-centric dashboards solve this problem.

  • Dashboards extract data from your infrastructure so we can monitor services and review performance.
  • The infrastructure behind these dashboards is a combination of business intelligence tools and automation services.
  • Automated tools identify all your resources and help us understand how they connect so we can quickly identify the root cause when problems occur.

Milestone’s NOC Proactively Identifies, Troubleshoots and Remediates Issues

Milestone’s Network Operations Center (NOC) service can provide discovery and 24×7 policy-based monitoring of your on-premise and cloud resources to provide real-time visibility into the health of your IT environment.

  • It can simplify your event management process through effective alert correlation, troubleshooting, and escalation of incidents to experts for proactive remediation.
  • It can optimize your network performance and minimize downtime through automation and AIOps capabilities.
  • NOC dashboards can provide availability views of IT resources and visualize your metrics on downtime and SLA breaches

Data Center Infrastructure Services | Milestone Technologies

Top Tech Company Minimizes Downtime Risk for Five Million Servers with Milestone Data Center Infrastructure Services

This top 15 tech company supports a global customer base with 5 million+ servers at over 15 global locations.

  • Milestone delivers Smart Hands repair services across a global data center footprint while also managing IT logistics for all global material assets.
  • Spread across 3 continents covering 5 countries, the Service Delivery team drives not only daily operations but continuous service improvement.
  • Milestone has been able to support the aggressive service growth targets set by this client continually, and with its approach to service continuity during COVID-19, has been seen as a leading service partner.

Data Center Infrastructure Services

Why Choose Milestone for Hybrid IT Infrastructure Services?

  • At the core, Milestone has high quality, satisfied employees that deliver outstanding results through teamwork, innovation, and cultural alignment with our clients.
  • Milestone views each engagement as a collaborative partnership. Our role in your organization places us amidst your employees, processes, tools, and data.
  • Therefore, in our role as service providers, we view ourselves as guests under your roof and will function as extended members of your organization to strive toward your vision.
  • Since we work directly with your valuable data, we also view ourselves as custodians of the data we interact with. Rather than passively interacting with said data, we proactively drive operational efficiencies.

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