Automate, Manage, and Improve Digital Employee Experiences Everywhere

Milestone’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX) lets you administer, manage, and secure remote endpoints in real time. It uses a human-centric approach that addresses employee perceptions, related experiences, and productivity.

DEX is ideal for today’s distributed workforce. It improves endpoint health and device security proactively by fixing issues as they occur. It also leverages real-time, automated, and proactive digital support technology to quickly resolve issues, increase productivity, and enhance end-user experiences.

Create a Superior Employee Experience

Improving the end-user employee experience is key to improving everything else in your organization. Milestone’s DEX easily allows you to manage risks, reduce overhead, and enable cost efficiencies for scaling IT infrastructure. Best of all, DEX can accomplish this with minimal device downtime, so end-user productivity remains high.Plus, our a built-in, single-click automation library and actionable insights through benchmarks and dashboards enable:

  • Device provisioning and app utilization for seamless employee experiences
  • Hardware optimization and performance improvements through preemptive issue prevention
  • Continuous service improvement using data correlation, sentiment analysis, and real-time reporting
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How DEX Benefits Your Business


Proactive monitoring Reduces Digital Friction and results in faster issue resolution, at scale


Self-Service and Self-Healing solves end user IT challenges in real time without human intervention


Support Alignment & Synergies by proactively resolving issues faster by quickly uncovering unreported IT issues and employee frustrations

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Built-in data correlation, sentiment analysis, and real-time reporting allow for Better Decision Making

Features and Capabilities

Endpoint Troubleshooting:

Resolve incidents and security threats in minutes instead of hours and provide a better employee experience.

Endpoint Troubleshooting

Endpoint Automation

Modern, automated, real-time configuration and compliance for the entire IT estate.

Endpoint Automation

Experience Analytics:

Provides a complete view of the end user experience by tracking the stability, responsiveness, performance, and sentiment of the end user digital experience.

Experience Analytics

Employee Sentiment:

Helps IT understand how end users feel about their digital environments by systematically collecting, measuring, and surfacing actionable end user feedback.

Employee Sentiment

Improvement Inventory Insights:

Captures accurate, timely, and normalized inventory and enriches it with insight to help IT teams make better decisions.

Improvement Inventory Insights

ServiceNow Solutions:

Gain real-time incident investigation, remediation and instant request fulfillment with Service Desk Automation and Automated Self Service.

ServiceNow Solutions

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