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Automate, manage and improve digital employee experiences everywhere.

Milestone’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX) lets you administer, manage, and secure remote endpoints in real-time.  It uses a human-centric approach that addresses Employee Perceptions, Related Experiences, and Productivity.

Milestone’s Digital Employee Experience solution is ideal for today’s distributed workforce:

  • Improve endpoint health & security of devices
  • Empower end users and IT services, proactively and in real-time
  • Drive stability and performance across the enterprise with actionable insights

Leverage real-time, automated, and proactive digital support technology that quickly resolves issues, increases productivity, and enhances end-user experiences.

Deliver the Best Possible Employee Experience

Milestone Digital Employee Experience provides a built-in, 1-click automation library and actionable insights through benchmarks and dashboards.

  • Device provisioning and app utilization for seamless employee experiences
  • Hardware optimization and performance improvements through preemptive issue prevention
  • Continuous service improvement using data correlation, sentiment analysis, and real-time reporting


Manage risks, reduce overhead, and improve end user experience for all employees

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Bring cost efficiencies for scaling the IT infrastructure that minimizes device downtime

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Focus on end-user productivity and manage device compliance requirements

Features of Milestone Digital Employee Experience

Experience and Engagement Analytics:

DEM Platform comes with a dashboard that enables device experience monitoring and employee Engagement through Sentiment and Real-Time Analysis

Experience and Engagement Analytics

IT Operations Automation:

Get Modern Remote Assistance, Endpoint Automation, Self-Healing and Self-Service remediation capabilities that can be integrated into ServiceNow

IT Operations Automation

Asset Management and Intelligence:

User and Asset Intelligence for hardware and software, drives stability and performance with actionable insights to improve end-user experience

Asset Management and Intelligence

Unified Endpoint Management Augmentation:

A consistent operating state delivers automation acceleration at scale, and compliments existing tools like BigFix, Intune, patch, and compliance for all devices

Unified Endpoint Management Augmentation

Human Centric Continuous Service Improvement:

Ongoing predictive and proactive improvements, based on organization context, employee experience, performance, and usage data

Human Centric Continuous Service Improvement

Why Milestone Digital Employee Experience

Benefits of DEM Platform benefits 1
Reduce Digital Friction

Proactively monitor employee sentiment and technology health for faster issue resolution, at scale.

Benefits of DEM Platform benefits 2
Self-Service, Self-Healing

A built-in automation library lets your IT department solve end-user IT challenges (incidents/requests) in real-time without human intervention.

Benefits of DEM Platform benefits 3
Support Alignment & Synergies

Sentiment analysis helps your IT organization quickly uncover unreported IT issues and employee frustrations to proactively resolve issues faster.

Digital Experience Management benefits 4
Better Decision Making

Make informed decisions and prioritize efforts for an enhanced digital experience using in-built data correlation, sentiment analysis, and real-time reporting.


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