Today’s rapid adoption of digital technologies has driven customers to expect seamless and personalized experiences across all channels. Digital platform engineering provides businesses with the necessary tools and infrastructure to deliver on those expectations.

Milestone’s Digital Platform Engineering services allows organizations to create a more flexible and scalable digital infrastructure to develop innovative digital products and services. Milestone gives your development teams the tools for your platform to stay competitive and deliver ongoing value to your customers.

Benefits of Digital Platform Engineering

Accelerate Application Delivery

Lower cost and increase ROI with more efficient application production schedules designed to meet deadlines.

Revolutionize Greenfield Development

An agile and fast new system approach where no legacy code, restrictions, or dependencies exist.

Optimize Existing Application Delivery

Refine existing processes throughout the development lifecycle that address gaps and accelerate delivery.

Maximize Deep & Full Stack Capabilities Through Consolidation

Improve flexibility, usability, and efficiency of processes, tools, and workflows.

Drive Tech Refresh

Optimize existing code and apply new methodologies that enhance application development speed and scalability.

Focus on Platforms over Products 

Drive sustainability by focusing on platforms over products to drive competitive advantages and provide long-term profitability.

Deliver Better Experiences

Accelerate app framework delivery to drive greater user experiences.

Better Product Lifecycle Management for Stronger ROI

Agile and efficient development methodologies that allow organizations to design more robust applications.

Why Milestone for Digital Platform Engineering?

Milestone’s Digital Platform Engineering expertise helps organizations reduce the challenges in the application development lifecycle to more efficiently deliver products and services at scale.

  • End-to-end architecture build roadmap for faster software development, enhanced security, and reduced operational complexity.
  • Future-proof design for deploying and managing enterprise-scale solutions.
  • Seamless integration with multiple platforms to optimize processes in real-time.
  • Cloud-native capabilities for rapid scaling and predictable releases.
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and a better user experience.
  • Secure and compliant to meet quality and IT regulatory requirements.
  • Improve transparency, efficiency, and flexibility by automating critical business processes.

Success Stories

IT service desk support

First Call Resolution Increased by 75%

Milestone was brought in to deliver a mature consistent service desk experience for the workers at a social networking company that was growing exponentially.Know More

Minimized Downtime Risk for 5 million+ Servers

Minimized Downtime Risk for 5 Million+ Servers

Milestone delivers onsite Smart Hands repair services across 15 data centers globally, impacting 400,000+ repairs annually.Know More

IT service desk support

Milestone Recognized as a Most Valued Team for Service Delivery

Milestone deployed a dedicated team of AV specialists to support a global enterprise software company with over 12,500 end users worldwide.Know More

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