3 Skills That Are Essential to Your IT Career

Software developers team working together for developing website design and coding technologies at modern workplace.

Team of software developers working together for developing website design and coding technologies at company.

The tech industry is broad and deep. It also evolves at a lightning pace. Today’s hot technical skills quickly become industry punchlines. Therefore, skills essential to your IT career aren’t technical but soft skills. Mastering the intangibles of the industry will allow you to roll with the punches and advance up the career ladder. Below are three essential skills that will help you succeed in your IT career this year and for years.

1. Good Communication

IT professionals need to be comfortable working in both highly technical subject matter and dealing with very general aspects of their job that might be found in any number of jobs. They should be able to collaborate with other IT professionals about highly technical issues and break down complex subject matter for non-technical coworkers and company leaders.

Even though you might think you’re a great communicator, it can hurt to ask a trusted coworker about your abilities and areas where you need to communicate better.

There’s also a rising amount of job overlap in the tech industry, and communicating efficiently with others is more crucial than ever. Projects need collaboration among developers, analysts, marketers, and designers, and good communication can help people adapt to understanding the various languages and workflows of each team.

It’s important to note that good communication isn’t just about getting your ideas and thoughts across to others. The best communicators are great listeners who pay attention to others and ask probing questions based on their hearing.

2. Project Management Abilities

Hiring supervisors want to see you have a successful track record of project management. In addition to staying on top of your work, you must about be aware of where your collaborators are in their work. You also must be capable of managing various technologies, applications, and personalities included in any given project.

A big part of project management is time management. You should be able to get your work done on time or ahead of schedule if the success of a project depends on it.

3. Adaptability

Overall the skills needed to succeed in the tech industry, adaptability is the most valuable. It is nearly impossible to predict what will be industry-standard practices just six months from now. Somebody continuously learning and willing to learn more will succeed in this volatile field. Adaptability calls for a curious mind. Hiring personnel are always trying to find individuals curious about how things work and how they can improve them.

Being adaptable also means being able to adjust to changing work environments. Your career will likely take you to several different employers, each with its own work culture and set of personalities. It is crucial to be able to thrive in these different surroundings.

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