3 Ways to Make Sure Your First Week on the Job Goes Well

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New job. Excited positive mixed race female employee, trainee, holding cardboard box, stand in modern office and looking at camera, smiling, newcomer woman have her first day of work in new workspaceThe first week in a new work environment may be frightening and can make you feel like the new kid at school.

Though it will probably take time to adapt to your new atmosphere, job duties, and coworkers, some steps will help you prepare for your first week and make a solid impression.

Figure out what you need to know right away.

From understanding benefits to figuring out unspoken rules of the office-like where people tend to eat lunch, you will likely have many questions during your first week and need more clarity on how to begin. Even when your company supplies orientation documents or training, starting can still be overwhelming. You may see abundant material sitting in front of you at any moment.

You should be ready to prioritize the information you need to know vigilantly, or you’ll drown in it.

To help you outline and prioritize your learning objectives, evaluate what you must learn to succeed immediately, and consider whether any duties are time-sensitive.

If you need help to tell what’s critical, ask. It might seem like downloading crucial software can be put off until later, but your colleagues can let you know if there is a challenging setup process, for instance. Seek advice from your peers and your new manager to see if your first-week learning priorities make sense.

Get to know your colleagues.

While you may want to avoid socializing with your new coworkers, getting along at the office is crucial. Treat others with respect if you want others to be respectful to you. For instance, if you use something up, like printer paper or sugar for coffee, replace it.

You should also identify the most helpful and receptive people to your questions. If you need help with how or why something is done, you’ll need a trusted colleague who will take the time to point you in the right direction. Remember that your novice questions can help veteran staff review and reevaluate current operations.

Show off your potential.

The skills on your resume most likely played a huge part in the decision to hire you. Now it’s time to show those skills can bring something valuable to the company. You can significantly impact and positively turn heads even in your first week.

Keep an eye out for areas of opportunity where you can make a good impression. You want to focus on making a visible impact in a way that is in keeping with the company’s priorities and existing culture.

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