5 Ways to Make a Great First Impression at A New Job

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The first month at a new job is the most vital because it can set the tone for your overall time with an employer.

Thankfully, establishing your reputation with a new company is something other than rocket science. It takes dedication and preparation, as well as some awareness.

Consider the following tips if you’re looking to start a new job soon.

Tip #1:  Literally, do your homework

It would help if you did your homework before heading into the office for the first working day. Try to find out as much as possible about the company culture, your new role, and how that role fits into the overall company strategy.

After your first day, you should still be doing homework, as you’ll likely be overwhelmed with new faces, surroundings, guidelines, and procedures – all of which need to be learned.

Tip #2: Connect with managers and colleagues

As you meet the people at your new job, ask casual, conversational questions and try to interact with them on a personal level. It helps prepare questions about people’s interests or what they do on weekends. While you should respond to questions about yourself, try to learn who your new coworkers are as people, not just as people you must get along.

Remember the importance of getting a firm handle on the company culture. Talk to people outside your department, set up lunches with them, determine how to make connections, and learn the different personalities that make up the company.

Tip #3: Be dependable

Get to work early, stay a bit later and take short lunches for the first month or so. Showing the desire to put in more hours to learn the role, standard practices, and current projects reveals dedication and will allow you to build a reputation for dependability.

Also, pay attention to everyone’s regular schedule. If you’re turning up at 8:00 AM, but most of the team gets in at 8:10 AM, you’re going against the grain and might want to modify your routine.

That said, during the first month, it’s better to come across as over-committed than under-committed.

Tip #4: Contribute an appropriate amount

While you want to start contributing to projects and discussions immediately, you want to stay within your bounds as a new employee. It’s best to ask questions, listen, and dip a toe in the water. If your contributions are well-received, incrementally ratchet up your input.

Tip #5 Build credibility

Exceed expectations when taking care of your particular tasks and team projects so people find out they can count on you. Please don’t go overboard with the effort, take on too much, or cover for staff members who aren’t pulling their weight. Just make solid and dependable contributions.

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