6 Tips That Will Make Your Interviews Easier

Group of bored young people waiting for the job interview

Asian man are doing job interviews.Knowing you’re probably up against several other qualified candidates can be nerve-wracking in a job interview.

Keeping a few simple things in mind can go a long way to making your interview much more manageable.

Listen more than you talk

From the beginning, your interviewer supplies you with information directly or subtly. If you pick up on it, you take advantage of a big opportunity. Excellent communication skills include paying attention and letting others understand what they say. Please pay attention to the style and pace with which your interviewer speaks and try to match them.

Also, telling the interviewer more than she must know might be a big mistake. If you have not prepared sufficiently, you may go off on ill-advised tangents when responding to interview questions, risking talking yourself right out of the job. In addition to making sure you speak only a little, prepare for the interview by researching the job qualifications and the company website and social media profiles.

Connect with your interviewer

After introductions, try to find common ground with your interviewer(s) to help kick off your conversation on a positive.

A degree hanging on the office wall, an award on a bookshelf, or a T-shirt from a community event are all great icebreakers you could use to connect to the person across the table from you. If you are still looking for something conversation-worthy, ask if they are from the area. The answer can spark some chit-chat and lead to a more personal connection.

Be organized

Everything required to make the best initial impression should be perfectly organized and readily reachable. You should be capable of quickly taking out your resume, references, a pen, and paper. The less you must dig through your things, the better.

Dress professionally and confidently

Unless you are applying for a blue-collar manual labor job, it’s a good idea to show up to any job interview in a clean and pressed suit. This gives the impression you are professional, detail-oriented, and organized.

You should also wear clothes that make you feel confident. If you don’t have a suit that makes you feel self-assured, it might be time to get one.

Put away your electronic device

You might think there’s no harm in pulling out your phone or tablet while you wait in the reception area; however, tapping away on a device makes you look distant and distracted. Instead, put the device away, be in the moment, and pay attention to your surroundings.

Be proactive in your interactions

Being a guest, you should defer to others in your introductions and actions. However, asserting yourself and projecting confidence makes a better impression.

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