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Landing the job of your dreams can be difficult. Many people end up feeling stuck in an entry-level position or a field that doesn’t match the degree /they worked so hard to earn.

This situation can be frustrating and even a bit depressing. However, there are a few steps you can take to leverage your current job in pursuit of realizing your career potential. Try using a few tactics to extract all you can from your present position.

Take on more responsibility

If you’re feeling trapped in a job, you’re overqualified for or ready to move on and probably bored at work.

Feel free to ask for more duties or obligations if this is the case. You may be surprised at the positive reaction you’ll get and the duties you’ll be invited to take on. These extra duties will undoubtedly spice up otherwise boring days and provide some valuable experience for your resume.

Even if your supervisor doesn’t have too much to give you, they will be delighted with your initiative, a positive impression that could pay off.

Network like crazy

Just because you’re overqualified for your present position doesn’t mean you can’t do something productive for your career while you’re there.

One of the most valuable things you could do is grow your network of professional contacts. Put plenty of effort into networking both inside and outside of your workplace. Use meetings and company events to have productive discussions with your co-workers and industry colleagues. With any luck, that connection you made at the company holiday party or softball league could help you on your way to that dream job.

Keep calm and carry on

Coming into the office daily with a bad attitude will only make you feel worse about your situation. It’s important to remember you’re learning new skills, like effective communication and teamwork while adding valuable time to your work history. Remain positive and remember this job is helping you realize your potential, despite being boring or too easy.

Start thinking about your next move

Your current job can become more interesting if you start thinking of how to use it as a steppingstone best. In your spare time, record your everyday tasks and duties. Create or add to company manuals and standard operating procedures with the methods you use to make your day easier. In addition to helping the person who ultimately takes over your job, you’re also adding value to the company, which could lead to a promotion. Doing all the little things right and writing them down is also a great way to make your days go by faster.

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