Compete With Culture: The Ultimate Hiring Edge


How Do You Showcase Your Company Culture to Attract Top Talent?

It’s no secret that a company’s culture can make the difference when it comes to attracting top talent.

But just throwing culture-related phrases like “work hard, play hard” into job descriptions isn’t enough to lure in top performers. When appealing to job seekers, it’s important to share why people like coming into (or logging into) work each day and show off a bit of personality. It’s also important to avoid clichés.

Share What Makes Your People Truly Happy

Business people cheering when their colleague skateboarding in the officeIf your company has a progressive, laid-back office culture, make sure to tell potential applicants about it. If your company doesn’t provide fringe perks like free snacks in the break room bars or regular catered lunches, you need to focus on the perks your business does make available, such as paid time-off benefits or premium health insurance plans.

It’s also a good idea to ask long-term employees about the reasons they have stayed with your company. Use employee responses in your job descriptions and on the Careers section of your official website.

Express Your Culture Through Language

The language you use to describe a job should suggest a lot about your company culture. In particular, the tone you use can give readers an impression of your attractive culture before they even talk to anyone from your company.

When writing a job description, pay a lot of attention to word choice. It’s always a good idea to use words like ‘supportive’ and ‘flexible’ — to show job seekers they’ll have plenty of opportunity to learn the essentials without fear of failure.

Additionally, use words that reflect the overall vibe of your workplace. For instance, if your company lets employees wear hoodies and jeans to work, use language that reflects the chill atmosphere. Less-formal businesses should also have fun in the language of their job descriptions. For example, they may want to use hashtags or emojis.

If your business is on the formal side, keep job description language refined and modest. Don’t use hashtags and emojis. Ensure your tone syncs with the type of personality you’re seeking in an applicant. If there’s a mismatch, it can be misleading and even dishonest.

Skip the Clichés

Cliché phrases like “fast-paced environment” might do a good job of describing your working environment, but they don’t carry a lot of meaning – and applicants are more likely to see them as red flags than anything else.

At the very least, you ought to avoid clichés because they can be a bit boring. The last thing you want to do when appealing to the best talent out there is to appear boring.

Rather than falling back on clichés, focus on writing useful, factual information that offers a bit of insight. Try to paint a picture with your words to give readers a feel for your organization. Being as descriptive as possible can also weed out low-quality candidates that don’t find your company culture particularly appealing.

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