How to Become an Extremely Successful Remote Worker

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The internet and technology have allowed many people to do their job remotely, from a neighborhood café to a home office or even at the beach.

Remote work isn’t going anywhere. It will become even more popular as companies realize the benefits of leveraging a remote workforce. Research shows that remote workers cost less because they don’t take up physical space in an office and tend to be even more productive than on-premises workers.

Given the growing popularity of remote work and the obvious benefits of work-life balance, there’s no time to embrace this job possibility like the present. If you are going to work remotely, it is a bit different than working on-location. Below are a few suggestions for becoming a successful remote worker.

Make Sure Your Work Has Meaning

When working remotely, it is much more essential to do something meaningful for you. Because you don’t have the peer pressure to do your best or the camaraderie to lift you up during difficult times, purpose can provide you with vital motivation daily.

Regardless of your job, there are ways to derive purpose from your job. For instance, consider who personally benefits from your work. You could solve a problem for a customer or provide them with a sense of joy. When you’re working remotely, it can take effort to stay motivated based on pay alone. Therefore, intrinsic motivation is a significant key to success.

Understand Expectations and Keep Them Well-Defined

Another key to successful remote work is knowing what is expected of you. Before you even start working remotely, ensure you understand your responsibilities’ scope. If you doubt your duties – ask rather than wait for possible negative feedback.

After a meeting or important conversation, send an email summarizing the conclusions drawn and actions taken moving forward. It’s always safer to be too thorough, as details can get lost or interpreted differently in a remote job. Consider miscommunication to be your No. 1 enemy.

Take Breaks Regularly

Since remote work is usually sedentary, you run the risk of sitting at your computer for too long. Once an hour, get time, stretch your legs, and try to get some fresh air.

Also, try to include some physical activity. Because you can work from almost anywhere and have schedule flexibility, there is no excuse for not getting in some physical activity daily.

Maintain a Regular, Flexible Routine

While flexibility is one of the great benefits of remote work, it can also be a curse. It’s useful to have a set schedule and work at designated times. That can also make it easier for your co-workers to work with you.

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