Innovate or Stagnate: How is your company embracing emerging IT Service Desk Trends?

Innovate or Stagnate: How is your company embracingemerging IT Service Desk Trends?

Strategic technology roadmaps are the holy grail for global organizations to stay competitive and thrive. By 2026, 54% of CIOs will drive business transformation using strategic technology roadmaps to facilitate a nimble and data-driven workforce, as per the IDC FutureScape Report. As organizations proactively integrate AI automation to their advantage, the future of IT Service Desk seems promising and ever-growing. As users demand better, faster, and more personalized services, your business needs to foresee and adopt emerging trends in IT Services.

The way forward

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Thrive in a distributed workforce

As remote work takes center stage, revamping support models is key. From low-value services to integrations for proactive remediation and preventative maintenance, we have you covered with our IT Service Management (ITSM) tools. Milestone Technologies’ IT service desk technology and its customized solutions are designed to meet your unique needs, helping you effectively navigate the complexities of remote work. It’s all about elevating employee-centricity and productivity. According to Gartner, password resets account for 40% of all service desk requests. These repetitive tasks can tire and stagnate a human agent’s growth, significantly decreasing service quality. This is where an automated service desk steps in to set up a seamless process. Virtual Agents can take up everything from simple tasks to complex workflows. By anticipating and prioritizing these challenges, your employees will continually feel empowered and motivated to deliver swift resolutions and provide proactive support without breaking a sweat.

Adopt and Adapt

AI automation is accelerating the future of global workspaces. By modernizing our IT service desk, we make it easy for you to adopt and adapt to this game-changing trend. Some of our experts have observed that AI-enabled automation in service desks has resulted in a>50% reduction in escalations, >80% reduction in Average Handle Time, and >85% automated resolution rate for L0 tickets. Capitalize on these automation capabilities to streamline your operations, resulting in faster ticket resolution times, improved efficiency, and higher customer satisfaction rates. With our help, you can confidently take your IT service desk to the next level.

Showcase Agility in Communication

A Gartner Report states that 81% of customers are likely to share a negative experience if they encounter significant effort or friction during their customer journey. We focus on reducing friction with IT service desk automation — Milestone Technologies Inc’s relevant, consistent, and flexible omnichannel service offerings ensure a positive customer experience.

Focus on User Experiences

We understand the importance of providing an excellent end-user experience. Milestone Technologies Inc. focuses on urgency, connection, confidence, and accountability. Our Virtual Agents focus on achieving higher First Level Resolution (FLR) by assisting users with Tier 0, Tier 1, and 1.5 and beyond support, automated resolutions, and escalations while adhering to SLA compliances from creation to resolution. This ensures higher first-level resolution and increased customer experience scores.
The future of IT Service Desk management is both exciting and challenging. Why not leverage our AI-powered IT Service Desk innovations to accelerate your growth?

Our team has deep domain expertise and experience to help you achieve your targets.

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