Milestone Technologies’ Return to Work Solution

Milestone Technologies’ Return to Work Solution

Innovative end-to-end solution to enable employees to return to work safely

The global pandemic has caused an unprecedented disruption in the traditional workplace environment, leaving many businesses with more questions than answers. While millions of employees are now working from home, some organizations need employees to return to work in order to restart or optimize operations. 

It’s time to adapt to the new normal, but how can you enable a safe return to work for your employees, colleagues, and partners?

Introducing Return To Workplace

Milestone’s comprehensive workplace management solution that aims to prevent and reduce transmission of COVID-19 and maintains healthy business operations and work environments. The priority is on the safety and wellbeing of employees, customers, partners, third-party vendors, and all their loved ones.

The Return  To Workplace  solution is ideal for deployment in offices, hospitals, schools and colleges, hotels, and casinos. It addresses key areas of possible workforce risk with a three-part risk management strategy:

  1. Plan : Pre-screening before entering the workplace
  2. Prepare : Screening at workplace entrances, on-premise and exits
  3. Safeguard : People’s health and safety 

The new operational and logistical framework takes into account space constraints, screening process administration, the need to monitor the location and movement of people, and the need to track data in real time. The framework adheres to CDC and OSHA workplace health compliance requirements and guidelines and can be customized to comply with all federal, state, and local laws, as well as company-specific policies. All health information is kept secure, and the confidentiality and privacy of all individuals is strictly maintained.

Plan, Prepare and Safeguard

Our comprehensive return to work solution includes pre-screening, office reconfiguration, manual or automated screening, medical tracking, and Bluetooth-enabled contact tracing.


The Digital Health Pass is a mobile application to help organizations manage employee health status while protecting individuals’ confidentiality and privacy.


Office Reconfiguration

The post-COVID office requires reconfiguration of spaces that previously emphasized sharing, collaboration, and interaction in order to promote social distancing and safety. Considerations include workstation redesign and rerouting, implementation of sanitization processes, and HR training.


Manual or Automated Screening

Everyone who enters or exits the workplace will be screened by a trained associate wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) or through infrared camera monitoring. Screenings will include temperature checks, mask detection, and pulse oximeter readings.


Medical Tracking

A specially designed 5G medical tracker with app integrations includes temperature check, fall detection sensor, oxygen level measurement, and urgent response technology.


Contact Tracing

The contact tracer uses multiple passive Bluetooth beacons to accurately report real-time close contact (less than six feet) between two or more people.



Real-Time Analytics

An intuitive analytics dashboard that provides critical return to work data for monitoring organizational and employee health. It also provides alerts and notifications of occupancy beyond threshold limits, social distancing violations, and compliance with CDC, OSHA, and company safety policies and guidelines.

Return to Work with Milestone

Business needs during the COVID-19 era require the design and implementation of streamlined safety, screening, and management measures at business centers worldwide.

Tell us about your workplace concerns so we can better understand your business needs and discuss your return to work goals.To learn more

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