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If you’re a tech worker looking for a new gig, you benefit from being in demand. However, searching for a new IT gig can be long and excruciating if you need to use your time wisely.

Efficient job seekers know that certain activities are better investments of time and energy than others. If you want an efficient job search process, consider the tips below.


Before spending any time on actual searching, it’s important to start by focusing on specific job possibilities. The tech industry is massive and is still growing. Therefore, a solid idea of specific jobs and what those jobs entail is essential. Just as important is figuring out what you don’t want to do.

An effective approach is to start with a tight focus and expand the scope of your job search if that doesn’t get results.

Refresh Your Resume and Profiles

Equipped with a specific focus, you can then move on to updating your resume and digital presence, including your LinkedIn profile. If you have a profile on job sites like Indeed, you should also update those.

When updating, be sure to add terms related to your specific focus. Be sure to remove outdated terms and information.

Start Searching and Setting Up Alerts

Start your job search by signing up for automated search agents on career sites. These agents can save time and allow up to get the jump on people who stick to manually combing through job listings.

Job alerts will ask you for keywords and phrases. It is important to use restraint when adding search terms to your alerts. If you did your homework when narrowing down your focus, you’ll know what terms are related to which jobs.

Invest in Networking

Hopefully, you have built a professional network as you’ve gotten into your field. If you’ve been slacking, a job search is the time to lean back into your networking efforts. Reserve a reasonable period every week to attend events and message old colleagues. When talking to others professionally, mention your interest in finding a new job. Feel free to ask for advice and feedback.

Networking can seem awkward or a waste of time. But the best jobs often come through network connections. Talking with a stranger at a networking event for a few minutes can unlock new possibilities and directions. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Many others are in the same networking boat, and some hope to talk with someone like you.

Boost Your Skills

The job market is too competitive to assume you don’t need new skills or credentials. Keep up with the latest technology and separate yourself from outdated job seekers. Gaining knowledge with an online course or certification is a great way to not only boost your skills but also show a potential employer that you’re a motivated professional

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