Top Traits That IT Candidates Are Looking for in Their Leaders

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In today’s labor market, jobseekers are evaluating/developing opinions around the companies they interview just as employers are evaluating candidates. As great as a job opportunity might be, if a hiring manager gives a bad first impression candidates are going to turn around and look around for something better—especially highly qualified candidates who can provide real value to a company.

Company leaders need certain qualities if they want to draw in and retain talent. Identifying these qualities is essential to develop strong leaders who create a feedback loop of talent and success inside the organization.

Traits IT Pros are Looking for in Hiring Managers

The following are traits that IT professionals are looking for in hiring managers when they browse their profiles on LinkedIn or sit down for an interview:

Trait #1: Strategic Vision

Strategic vision is the capability to think long-term and outside of one’s immediate area. It involves three essential dimensions:

  1. Business understanding
  2. Critical thinking skills
  3. Capacity to produce a detailed strategy

Trait #2: Client-/Customer-focused

Business leaders focused on clients and customers know how to build relationships and manage them, so everyone benefits. This requires being able to offer useful assistance and see a situation from another stakeholder’s point-of-view.

Leaders who focus on clients and customers are also proactive in shaping these relationships. Those who truly excel at building these valuable relationships also form high-impact bonds with one or more key clients, resulting in a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

Trait #3: An Understanding of the Market

Good leaders don’t approach their work with a “heads down”, myopic mentality, only working hard on what affects them. They understand the forces acting all around them, including the labor market and regulatory environments, and identify trends to capitalize on changes.

Trait #4: Results-driven

Being a results-driven person means focusing on processes and their outcomes. Those who are focused on results want to constantly improve and do things better tomorrow, regularly introducing new ideas and processes that lead to greater efficiencies. Those who excel in being results-driven often find new revenue streams or uncover new markets for existing products.

Trait #5: Adaptability

Modern city interchange overpass in nightfall at Shanghai.

Leaders need to be able to change with circumstances and adapt to changing times. More than that, company leaders should be pushing for change and regularly questioning the status quo. The most adaptable individuals motivate others to change and coordinate change across a department or an entire company.

Trait #6: Ability to Collaborate

Top IT candidates don’t want a boss—they want a mentor and a collaborator. Great collaborators in leadership positions help if they are asked and provide competent support. They also spread this spirit of collaboration across an organization by fostering partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships.

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