What Are Some of the Top Coding Languages Companies Are Looking For?

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According to a recent survey by Stack Overflow, Full-Stack Web Developer is the most common developer occupation.

A Full-Stack Web Developer can work on both the front-end and back-end components of an application. The front end is the part of an application the user interacts with, and the back end is the section of the application that deals with logic, database communications, user validation, server configuration, and other behind-the-scenes functions. A Full-Stack Developer can have some things mastered when it comes to working with the front-end or back-end, but they should be fluent in the concepts behind the work.

The following coding languages are essential for a Full-Stack Web Developer but are also instrumental in other tech positions companies always seek to fill.


HTML and CSS are the foundations of the modern internet. Simply put, HTML allows you to put content into a website, and CSS is the language that enables you to design your content. Tech professionals who work with these languages should be able to discuss Semantic HTML, CSS Box Model, the advantages of CSS preprocessors, CSS Media Queries, and Bootstrap.


The JavaScript language is becoming increasingly popular, with new libraries, frameworks, and tools continuously being released. According to the Stack Overflow survey, JavaScript is the most widely used language in front-end and back-end development. JavaScript is the only programming language that operates natively in the browser and can act as a server-side language at the same time.

Those who know JavaScript should understand JSON, how to work with the DOM, asynchronous control flow, promises, and callbacks. JavaScript programmers should also know at least one popular framework. React and AngularJS are popular frameworks, but others are also useful – given the developer has a robust working knowledge of JavaScript.


HTTP is an application protocol that allows clients to talk to servers, and REST is an architectural style that utilizes straightforward HTTP calls for inter-machine exchanges.

Those familiar with these essential web tools should know the best practices for creating a RESTful API, how to use Chrome DevTools, and the essentials of SSL Certificates. HTTP/2, SPDY, WebSockets, Web Workers, and Service Workers are all optional but valuable protocols to know.

Back-end coding language

Back-end languages are essential for managing database functions, user authentication, and logic. While there are a number of useful back-end languages, simply knowing one is enough for most professionals. Popular back-end languages include Python, Ruby, Java and PHP. While the first two (Python and Ruby) are more commonly taught today, the latter two languages are still very much in demand and knowing them will make you valuable in today’s job market.

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