What You Need to Know About the Tech Interview Process

2nd june 2023 SMCI blog

Ask tech professionals about applying to jobs and you’ll likely hear some grousing about the duration of interviews, or how they rarely hear back after applying. These are legitimate complaints, but tech professionals would do well to have a good understanding of the typical hiring processes in their field.

If you would like to learn why the tech interview process takes so long, for instance, and how you can handle the various challenges associated with job seeking in this field, continue reading.

Requirements Can Be Stringent

Some tech roles have rigorous requirements, and an arduous hiring process for these jobs is just the nature of the beast.

When a job is high profile or highly specialized, numerous people must approve an applicant advancing in the process. Those decision makers typically have many demands on their time, which can significantly slow the process for candidates. Hiring personnel and department leaders also often have conflicting schedules that hold up the hiring process.

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The common wisdom on resumes says not to have a document that is longer than two pages, but for tech jobs, especially at the senior levels, it’s usually best to showcase your expertise and capabilities in the best light. So, feel free to go into detail on your various skills and how you made a positive impact in previous positions. That said, make sure to avoid generic terminology that doesn’t add anything useful.

It’s also essential to mold your resume to the job description. Spotlight your capabilities that suit various requirements. Hiring managers will always prefer candidates who can seamlessly slot into existing teams and hit the ground running.

Soft Skills are Scrutinized

While industry capabilities always matter, so does the capability to communicate, show leadership, think critically, and get along with co-workers. Regardless of the industry they work in, technologists must be able to show soft skills to get new jobs and grow their career. During the interview, look for opportunities to talk about times you worked with others to achieve success or helped to implement improvements.

Perhaps most importantly, tech professionals must be able to communicate complex subjects plainly and effectively in a sincere, transparent, and professional manner. In the interview, somebody who can show their ability to deftly make easily understood suggestions for improvements should be able to score points for their communication. During such conversations, it’s always most important to stress that you are aiming to contribute to overall success while staying in your lane, so to speak.

It’s also crucial to show you can listen to the needs and concerns of a potential employer. A robust, back-and-forth discussion with the people whom you meet with will help you earn trust and respect.

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