Why Relationship Based Recruiting Benefits You and Your Career

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Whether trying to find a new contract assignment or a full-time job, relationship-based recruiting is ideal for managing your next career move.

A relationship-based recruiter is that located to connect top tech talent with the right company. They use relationships with job seekers and companies to ensure the best matches.

If you want to make a career move, consider the benefits of working with a relationship-based recruiter.

Motivated Advocacy

Relationship-based recruiters need to collect your resume and attach it to a few emails. It’s their job to advocate for you as a professional whenever possible.

Their job is based on relationships they’ve built with business leaders and hiring managers, as well as a track record of connecting these folks to top talent. Because of these relationships, a recruiter is well-positioned to advocate effectively for you as a candidate during conversations. The leaders and hiring managers they know will be more likely to prioritize your resume over those they receive through other channels.

Access to the Inside Track

A recruiter’s job is based on knowing about job opportunities, including those that are private. If an employee gives their two-week notice, many companies will turn to a relationship-based recruiter before they start posting to job boards.

A recruiter is always reaching out to their network. They learn about companies looking to expand, upcoming projects, and other labor-related developments. They get tipped to shifts in demand and prepare accordingly.

When you partner with a recruiter, it means tapping into a well of insider opportunities and knowledge.

An Outside Perspective

Getting a fresh perspective on your career is always good, especially from an informed observer. An effective recruiter knows which skills you aren’t making the most of and where you need to shore up your credentials. For example, experience working in a laboratory could make you an ideal candidate for scientific testing companies desperate for IT talent.

Using their knowledge and experience, recruiters can also turn you to career possibilities you haven’t considered before.

Greater Efficiency

The typical solo job search is littered with applications that never get a response. When you work with a partnership-dependent recruiter, you should hand over one application. If you are interested in a series of contract assignments, you don’t have to constantly restart a search process. A recruiter will strive to move you seamlessly from one assignment to the next.

Job Search Consultation

Recruiters have seen countless resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Because they’ve seen it all, they can offer valuable suggestions on advancing your career. They can clue you into the certifications, languages, and other abilities that would boost your profile.

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