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Seven of the Ten Largest Silicon Valley Internet Companies Trust Milestone Technologies

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Why do seven of the ten largest Silicon Valley Internet companies trust Milestone for critical IT and technology services?

  • They want to focus their own efforts on what makes their businesses unique to maximize their growth
  • We have proven time and time again our ability to keep up with these fast-growing companies. Few if any other service providers, whether larger or smaller, can match our track record
  • As a global provider, we can support these companies anywhere in the world they need help

Milestone’s Secret Weapon? Highly Engaged Employees

At Milestone, our employees are our most valued asset.  After all, our well-trained, highly motivated employees form the basis for all our managed services. These results from recent employee surveys show just how strong employee engagement at Milestone is.

I know what is expected of me at work – 97%
I feel supported by my teammates and colleagues – 93%
Our organization is a diverse and inclusive workplace – 95%
I understand how my work contributes to the overall goals of the organization – 95%

What Sets Milestone Apart from Other Managed Services Providers?

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IT Solutions Provider at Silicon Valley, California

We are accustomed to operating at Silicon Valley speed with extremely demanding customers

Global Deployment of Managed IT Services

We are very nimble, flexible, and accessible relative to larger global system integrators

Experienced & dedicated team of executives

We have experienced, engaged, and hands-on senior executives

Private Equity Backing

We are backed by a growth-oriented top-tier private equity firm, H.I.G.

Next-gen AI, Automation & Cognitive Capabilities

We are focused on innovation and partnerships with an emphasis on AI and automation

Headquartered in Fremont California, Milestone Operates in 35 Countries Around the World

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About Us

Milestone Technologies is a global managed services firm that helps companies scale their technology infrastructures and drive digital transformation.

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  • Some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world rely on our technology services so they can focus on growing their businesses
  • Our Automation and Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence is at the forefront of research and development of next-generation cognitive solutions
  • Our leadership team includes executives from IBM, HP, Accenture, Cognizant, DXC, Wipro, Atos, Dell, Oracle, PWC, BCG, Unisys, and Deutsche Telecom

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