Maintaining A Cost-Effective, Well-Run IT Service Desk is a Challenge for Many Organizations

IT service desks are supposed to provide well-informed, single points of contact for users to resolve issues and submit service requests. But IT departments often struggle to deliver them.

  • Growing companies discover their current staffing model no longer scales and cannot support company expansion.
  • Expanding companies reach the point where they need 24/7 coverage, but cannot afford the huge increase in staff needed.
  • Organizations under financial pressure determine their service desk costs are too high and need to be reduced.
  • Benchmarks show service levels are inadequate, but the company does not have the resources or expertise to fix them.
  • An incident such as a pandemic, natural disaster, or security breach requires a significant increase in capacity.
  • The company has chosen to outsource, but their current supplier is not providing sufficient service.
  • An event such as an acquisition forces a change in service desk delivery strategy.

Automated Service Desk from Milestone Technologies

Automated Service Desk Solutions from Milestone Technologies

AI Seems Like a Natural for Service Desks, but Many Projects Have Been Disappointing

  • Some organizations made huge investments in AI, but their partner did not understand service desk processes and built systems users did not like.
  • Others looked at the price, made minimal investments to save cost, and only obtained minimal value.
  • Organizations are incorporating AI into digital transformation initiatives, but many of those projects have been disappointing.
  • Few feel their AI investment has been well-spent.

Being a Managed Service Provider, We Have Mastered Making AI Work for Service Desks

  • As a MSP, we have a deep understanding of service desk operational processes and outcomes, not just technology.
  • When we use AI tools, we add automation to your existing processes instead of inventing new ones.
  • Since we know how both service desk staff and end-users work, we can better implement the technology to make machine interaction seamless for all users.
  • When extreme events create an immediate need to scale up capacity, automated service desks can ramp up much more quickly than manual service desks.

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Automated Service Desk Services at Milestone Technologies

If You Are a Growing Organization, Milestone is Your Right Choice for Service Desk

Having worked with many of the fastest-growing companies in Silicon Valley, we’ve discovered two critical inflection points where Service Desks often fail and must be rearchitected.  We eliminate those challenging, disruptive, and expensive transitions.

Automated Service Desk from Milestone Technologies

  • As companies grow from small to medium to large, service desk elements begin to collapse, causing dramatic drops in service quality, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.
  • Milestone architects its people, process, and technology components to deliver enterprise-class service desk capabilities for companies of any size.
  • Our services scale seamlessly as you grow from small to large, meaning you will always have the efficiency, effectiveness, and maturity you need.
  • With Milestone, you will pay a fraction of what it would cost if you were to try to do all this yourself.

Milestone’s Scalable and Automated Service Desk Managed Services Deliver Breakthrough Results

By combining our experience scaling service desks with virtual agents that augment our highly-skilled, customer-focused human workers, our service desk managed services deliver best practices functionality and breakthrough results.

  • ITSM-based services made available to your end-users via their choice of communication channels.
  • Actionable insights that drive continuous service improvement.
  • Virtual agents and robotic process automation that drive greater consistency and accuracy for improved service quality.
  • Automated services that scale up immediately and infinitely when extreme events cause increases in demand.
  • Improved job satisfaction for human agents and improved employee experience for your users.
  • Radically improved economics.

Automated Service Desk on Milestone Technologies

Need to Improve Your Employee Experience? Get it with an Automated Service Desk

Watch this video to see a typical interaction between an employee and a Virtual Agent using email and chat. Our customer user surveys show employees consistently prefer interacting with Virtual Agents!

Need to Improve Performance? Get it with an Automated Service Desk

Here are some recent metrics from Milestone customers

  • Automatable Service Desk Use Cases 35%

  • Escalations Drop 50%

  • Average Handle Time Reduced by 80%

  • Automated Resolution Rate for L0 Tickets 85%

Whether Your Service Desk Issue is People, Process or Technology, Milestone Managed Services Can Fix It

First Call Resolution up 277%

Milestone was brought in to deliver a mature and consistent service desk experience for the workers at a social networking company that was growing exponentially. First call resolution increased by 277%.

90% Customer Satisfaction

In 30 days, Milestone built and staffed a 200-person remote help desk for one of the world’s largest internet companies. Milestone is achieving 90+% customer satisfaction scores while handling 25-35K cases/month.

50% Reduced Backlog

Milestone replaced a helpdesk provider that had fallen significantly behind on employee onboarding and exit processing for this top enterprise software provider. A team of 18 in two cities supporting 8,500 end-users has cut the backlog by 50% and continues to improve.

Why Choose Milestone for Your Service Desk Managed Service?

  • Unmatched experience implementing service desks at many of the largest and fastest-growing Silicon Valley companies.
  • Extensive Virtual Agent capabilities. In fact, ours already know how to resolve 22 types of service desk tickets and counting!
  • Unlike vendors with a single delivery model, we offer flexible onsite, remote, shared, walk-up, onshore, offshore, drive-through, and even hybrid delivery models to best meet your specific needs.
  • ITIL 4 based best practice guidance for the service desk capabilities you need.
  • Always a dedicated team that understands your unique situation and requirements, for any size client.

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