Data Center Services

Optimize Your Data Center Performance with Intelligent Monitoring

Milestone’s Data Center services help you efficiently build, manage, and scale your global data centers. Driven by our Managed Services methodology, we build and streamline your data center infrastructure to improve performance, ensure business continuity, and minimize costly disruptions to your business. We combine our years of people and process expertise with the capabilities of Intelligent Automation to drive a cost-effective, high-quality outcome.

Milestone Maximizes Your Data Center Capabilities

Milestone delivers comprehensive solutions to maximize the efficiency of your data center operations. By combining our experienced team members with proven methodologies and leading Intelligent Automation technology, our Data Center solutions drive reliable uptime and provide critical insight into operational effectiveness. By leveraging IPsoft’s Intelligent Automation platform, IPcenter, our services also monitor and analyze data to continually implement improvements in your data center environment. Our Data Center services feature:

Managed Services

  • 24/7/365 centralized monitoring of storage, servers, interfaces, and network switches
  • Data-driven methodology for incident prevention, root cause analysis, and predictive modeling
  • Machine learning pattern recognition and troubleshooting
  • Automated incident management and emergency escalation when necessary
  • Intelligent Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
  • Routine equipment maintenance and performance-related tasks

Smart Hands

  • Implementation of new / existing equipment
  • Migration, patching, and infrastructure improvement
  • Decommission and waste management

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