Many businesses employ ServiceNow® for their IT Service Management (ITSM) platform, but few realize its full potential to connect people and processes across an enterprise. Milestone’s ITSM services are provided by Covestic (a Milestone company and ServiceNow Elite Partner) and use a holistic approach to bridge the gap between technology and people to resolve IT problems and improve the overall workflow and process within your IT environment.


The Milestone Difference

We leverage the capabilities of ServiceNow to deliver identified business requirements through assessment, implementation, integration, and enhancement. By using the connectivity and analytics available via Covestic, you can achieve smart, scalable service management aligned to your IT service delivery vision.


  • Consultation from experienced ServiceNow experts
  • Evaluation of currently used service types to identify business gaps
  • Recommended solutions based on data analysis


  • Extension of current ServiceNow features to enhance functionality based on changes within work environments
  • Continual improvements and support based on individual business needs


  • Implementations on ServiceNow that support and align with business processes and managed service requirements
  • Proactive analytics and monitoring solutions deployed in conjunction with legacy ticketing systems
  • Forward-looking approaches focused on value-add features versus big bang programs


  • Incorporation of ServiceNow into existing application systems for data collection and analytics
  • Sensible integrations focused on the elimination of repeatable and manual tasks through automation
  • Unification of multiple applications to increase visibility of workflows and improve overall business processes (i.e., HR onboarding)

The Right Team for Your Job

With more than one hundred successful customer implementations on the ServiceNow platform for major organizations worldwide, we can put proven ITSM strategies for planning, auditing, and implementing scalable business processes to optimize your technological capabilities.

Unlock the full potential of your ITSM today with Milestone.

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