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MSP page section 1 image AtutomationInnovate or die isn’t just a mantra for today’s businesses. It’s a fact. Organizations that don’t streamline and use automation for enhancing their workflows and reducing manual tasks can’t match the efficiency of their competition.

Microsoft® Power Platform® is the key to operational efficiency and productivity through automation. But unlocking Power Platform’s full potential requires a partner with managed IT service experience and a dedicated Power Platform Solution team.

Milestone Technologies defines the Run and Build concept with proven experience in rapid structuring of your Power Platform strategy, implementation, automation, and maintenance.

A Strategic Partner. A Proven Partner.

How well is your Microsoft Power Platform investment delivering? Are you getting everything out of it that your business needs to thrive? As your dedicated service partner, Milestone helps ensure your Power Platform does everything it can to streamline operations and drive ROI.

Take full advantage of the customization and automation solutions for your platform with help from Milestone.

    • Business Strategy: Gain a strategy that aligns with your industry landscape and lessons learned from the field. Milestone’s deep expertise provides insight focused on your business needs while staying within the capabilities and limitations of the platform.
    • Rapid Buildout: Drive results faster and more efficiently with specialized Milestone SME teams delivering Power App, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agent solutions up to 50x faster than internal teams or generic IT vendors.
    • Migration: Milestone can help minimize disruption and maximize ROI when migrating from earlier generations of automation tools to the Power Platform.
    • Licensing and TCO: With licensing expertise that ensures you get the right tools at the right price, Milestone helps you understand the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the platform and right-size your solution to maximize the value it delivers.
    • Dedicated Build and Run Teams: A dedicated Build Services team will help you design, build, and deploy your solutions, while a Run Services team provides long-term support post-go-live. Plus, with onshore, offshore, and nearshore support, you’ll always have the expertise you need to keep your solutions running smoothly.
    • Citizen Developer Program: Milestone can help you structure and support your Citizen Developer program, empowering non-technical staff to create solutions and drive innovation throughout your organization.

The Milestone Difference

Milestone Maximizes the Potential of Power Platform for Your Business.

From migration to delivering re-engineered workflows, Milestone provides scalable, flexible,
and cost-effective solutions.

Compare The Number of Power Platform  Items Completed (Power Apps and Power Automate Workflows)

The Power Platform Advantage

The Power Platform provides a more comprehensive, flexible, and user-friendly solution for businesses looking to streamline operations and manage data more effectively.

Key reasons why the Microsoft Power Platform is considered superior to Nintex:

  1. Integration with Microsoft ecosystem: Integrates seamlessly with products like Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure, providing a comprehensive and cohesive experience, minimizing compatibility issues, and streamlining data sharing across various applications.
  2. Customization and scalability: Offers tools like Power Apps that enable users to create custom applications or use pre-built templates to scale their solutions to meet their unique and evolving requirements.
  3. Advanced automation capabilities: Power Automate provides enhanced automation capabilities that enable users to create more sophisticated workflows and processes.
  4. Robust analytics: Power BI provides powerful data analytics and visualization tools that allow users to create interactive reports and dashboards, making data-driven decision-making simpler and more effective.
  5. AI and virtual agents: Enables businesses to create AI-based chatbots without coding expertise and offer superior customer engagement and support over Nintex.
  6. Cost-effectiveness: Offers a competitive pricing model that is more cost-effective than Nintex, especially for organizations already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.
  7. Community support: Microsoft’s large and active community provides resources, documentation, and support for users to find answers, learn new functionalities, and troubleshoot issues while working with Power Platform .

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