Network Operations

Elevate Your IT Infrastructure with Intelligent Monitoring

Milestone’s data-driven Network Operations leverage intelligent monitoring to analyze incident patterns, study trends, identify root causes, and execute resolutions—all from a single-view dashboard. Through our Network Operations Center (NOC), we gain critical insight into your environment by performing meticulous data analysis and proactively implementing solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Throughout this process, we continuously monitor your network’s health and optimize its performance. This allows your internal IT team to shift its focus from managing incidents to driving high-level strategic initiatives that help your business achieve its goals. As a result, our NOC minimizes downtime and ensures that your infrastructure is always running at its best.

Milestone’s Network Operations Center Benefits

Building on our 20 years of industry experience serving some of the fastest growing companies, Milestone’s NOC solution surpasses the traditional, needle-in-a-haystack methodology for managing complex IT infrastructure. By leveraging IPsoft’s Intelligent Automation platform, IPcenter, our solution provides transparent and consistent visibility of your network’s health to facilitate quick incident resolution. Our partnership with IPsoft ensures exceptional Network Operations with:

  • 24/7/365 proactive, automated monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive, single-view dashboard of your entire IT environment
  • Access to over 2,200 engineers across all technology domains
  • Elimination of most tier 1 tasks through automation by leveraging IPsoft’s library of over 20,000 automations
  • Intelligent incident pattern recognition, alert prioritization, and emergency escalation
  • Holistic operation and management of your entire network infrastructure through the integration of experienced network specialists, industry-tested operational processes, and ITIL standards

Traditional Monitoring


Intelligent Monitoring

Network Operations Center | Milestone Technologies

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