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Traditional IT Asset Management is Complex, Expensive and Obsolete

All well-run IT organizations need a cost-effective and scalable system for acquiring, deploying, monitoring, maintaining, upgrading and retiring IT hardware and software assets. This system maximizes the value organizations receive from these expensive assets.  But traditional IT asset management is labor, capital and space-intensive.

IT Asset Lifecycle

Planning and Procurement

Demand supply planning
PO Creation
Order Tracking
Shipment tracking


Shipment tracking and Receiving
PO Reconciliation
Serialization and Tagging
Regulatory Compliance
Inventory Cycle Counts
Min / Max Levels
Space / Location Management


Device Configuration
Asset Imaging
Asset Distribution


Accessory Fulfillment
Break / Fix
Physical Support
Logical Support


Asset Lifecycle Reports
Data Erasure
Lost / Stolen

Near Zero Touch IT Asset Management Supports 100% Remote Workforces

Using modern automation, IT personnel no longer need to physically touch an end user’s device until the hardware breaks or it reaches EOL. We call this “Near Zero Touch IT Asset Management”.

  • Supports end users working from anywhere – remotely from home, at corporate offices, at customer offices, or at any other location
  • Delivers a superior employee experience via reduced lead times to receive new devices and status alerts at all stages of the workflow
  • Lowers labor, inventory and warehouse costs dramatically
  • Provides superior visibility and accountability for all assets, through all lifecycle stages
  • Improves security by automatically installing patches and software updates

How Does Near Zero Touch IT Asset Management Work?

1. Collaborative Procurement
An employee orders new device by interacting with a Virtual Procurement Assistant via a conversational interface.

2. Workflow Orchestration
The Virtual Procurement Assistant submits the order through the company’s ITSM system, which use the company’s Procure-to-Pay system to place the order with the vendor.

3. Near Zero Touch Imaging
The vendor applies the company’s approved and current image and an asset tag, then drop ships the device to an employee.

4. End User Receives Laptop
Once the end user unpacks the device, plugs it in and is authenticated, secure, automated software downloads, installs and configures all the end user’s necessary software packages, updates and patches. During operation, new patches automatically download and install.

5. Troubleshooting
The end user resolves problems by working with Virtual Service Desk agents and human agents that use remote diagnostics tools. For hardware problems, the employee ships the device to the company and receives a replacement.

6. End of Life Disposition
Once the device has reached its end of life or is un-repairable, a specialist vendor handles device disposition including hard disk removal, destruction and disposition auditing.

Milestone Partners with Key Technology Providers to Deliver Near Zero Touch IT Asset Management


  • Procure to Pay & ERP
  • IT Service Management
  • Asset & Warehouse Management
  • Imaging Tools
  • Asset Disposal

Virtual Assistants Play Key Roles in Near Zero Touch IT Asset Management

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AI-based virtual assistants play key roles in enabling Near Zero Touch IT Asset Management

  • Virtual procurement assistants interact with workers to order new devices
  • Virtual order management assistants facilitate and expedite transactions with key vendors
  • Virtual service desk assistants resolve software and hardware problems

Getting Started with Near Zero Touch IT Asset Management

Since no technology vendor does it all, Near Zero Touch IT Asset Management requires a system integrator or managed service provider. Milestone can:

  • Deploy an end-to-end Near Zero Touch IT Asset Management managed service that combines your systems with our partner applications
  • Deploy end-to-end Near Zero Touch IT Asset Management using our shared services infrastructure
  • Offer consulting on our partner applications to help you move toward Near Zero Touch IT Asset Management

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