Okta Workflow Automation

Maximize Okta’s capabilities with help from Milestone.

Simplify identity and access management without jeopardizing security

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Controlling user access to applications, devices, and data, while also providing end-users with a seamless and secure login experience is a high priority for administrators. Fortunately, Okta provides a reliable solution. But imagine a solution that takes Okta’s identity and access management to an even higher level?

Milestone’s automation solution empowers you to leverage Okta’s full potential.

  • Achieve 100% workflow automation
  • Provision and de-provision with greater speed and ease
  • Save time and effort by reducing manual effort
  • Maintain the security with a worldwide trusted IAM solution

Unlock a more strategic and effective use of your Okta spend by letting Milestone automate the way to higher ROI through seamless 100% coverage today.

Benefits of Automating Your Okta

Scaling and maintaining traditional and in-flexible AV environments

Achieve seamless, 100% coverage


Improve user experience and reduce business spend

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Increase operational efficiency

Managing Zero down time

Save time and effort

Make Your Workflow Really Flow

Add automation to your Okta IAM and see the impact Milestone makes possible.

  • Seamless onboarding with day 1 access
  • Role-based access to appropriate resources
  • Offboarding that quickly revokes access to minimize security risks
  • Simplified provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Reduction in manual effort, minimization of errors, and freeing up of IT resources
  • Reporting capabilities that simplify audits and enhance compliance with regulations
  • Insights and analytics for better decision-making and process improvement

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