The global digital payments market experienced substantial growth in 2022, reaching a valuation of approximately $96.19 billion. Furthermore, industry experts predict that this growth trend will continue, with the market projected to reach $111.11 billion by 2023*.

As more businesses seek to adopt or evolve their digital payment capability, Milestone Technologies stands ready to assist them in achieving their goals. Our Payment Platform Engineering Services have deep domain application development and support expertise to enhance the core capabilities and stability of your payment platform.

Through a combination of services, including digital product engineering, implementation, and partner integration, Milestone’s Payment Platform Engineering Services provide:

  • Platform architecture optimization
  • Real-time data and analytics
  • Risk management expertise
  • Operational support
  • Merchant experience enhancement
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Innovate Your Payment Platform

Milestone drives innovation and streamlines payment ecosystems with a future-ready focus for sustainable growth. By leveraging our robust payment platform development and support expertise, we can help keep you competitive in the growing digital economy.
Whether it’s developing advanced features, integrating emerging payment technologies, or enhancing the user experience, we empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve, optimize their payment processes, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

The 3-Factor Approach to Outstanding Payment Platform Engineering

Milestone’s Payment Platform Engineering Services focus on three factors to create an effective, efficient, and comprehensive payment platform solution.

Road map
The Roadmap

A strategic blueprint that guides the development and evolution of your payment platform. Milestone creates an architectural design roadmap that enables you to shift from addressing operational challenges to addressing customer demands.

Process and Delivery
Process and Delivery

With a proven operating model for process and delivery, we employ rigorous quality assurance practices, comprehensive testing methodologies, and continuous improvement frameworks to reduce cost, increase quality, and improve security.

Optimized Platform and Support Infrastructur
Optimized Platform and Support Infrastructure

Our approach focuses on delivering a payments platform solution that seamlessly supports your infrastructure to drive stronger ROI, promote sustainability, and enhance customer engagement.

Engineered to Fit Your Business Needs

A precisely scaled and augmented payment platform isn’t a “nice to have” business feature; it’s a “must have” if you want to stay competitive and drive growth. Milestone’s Payment Platform Engineering Services help create a solution that addresses all the aspects that impact your payment ecosystem.

IT Services

A comprehensive range of

Back_OfficeFoundational Services

Data and Analytics

Put your data to work advancing your

Data PlatformData Platform
Batch IngestionBatch Ingestion
Graph LinkageGraph Linkage
Master dataMaster Data

Back Office

Support for everything that keeps your business running

MerchantMerchant Ledger
Back_OfficePlans and Subscriptions
MerchantMerchant Payment
Split PaymentsSplit Payments
Recurring Billing/Store CredentialsRecurring Billing/Store Credentials

Operational Support

All aspects of IT infrastructure are managed and maintained

Back_OfficeBack Office Admin Portal
Merchant ManagementMerchant Management
Document ManagementDocument Management
Notification__CommsNotification Comms

Risk & Compliance

A strong focus on security for more

 KYB VerificationKYB/Business Verification
Website_ValidationWebsite Validation
ReportingRisk, Compliance, Fraud & Underwriting

Merchant Experience

Make your platform intuitive and

LeadLead Management
ManagementCase Management
dev CenterDev Center
Business_PortalBusiness Portal
Merchant_ServicingMerchant Servicing
CartShopping Cart
Sand-BoxSand Box

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