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In some industries, rather than ongoing, managed services, you need support on a limited, specific basis. Milestone is an industry leader in project-based services, supporting your digital transformation initiatives including IT, data center and real estate strategies. Milestone’s project-based services optimize efficiency, increase productivity, reliability, and security while minimizing cost and maximizing ROI.

Our highly experienced people possess technical and project management expertise to set the right scope for projects, translate that scope into a solution, allocate the right resources, and effectively execute, ensuring that solutions are aligned to your unique business needs. We offer project-based services across IT, AI, ServiceNow, Data Center, Smart Hands and break fix, Application and Infrastructure, and Program Management.

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In response to the rapidly changing market landscape, organizations are seeking expertise to deliver solutions to address an array of needs from enhanced customer and employee experience to Digital Transformation, IT workflows and data centre transformation projects.

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Consulting Services

The future is in the cloud and professional consulting services can identify opportunities to innovate and optimize IT infrastructure and hardware services to prepare for the future

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Data Center Strategy

Cost economies, strategic geographical shift, compliance and security challenges and technology upgrades are all major influencers in data center strategy.

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Safe Work Environments

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced organizations to leverage unplanned savings opportunities and enterprises are now pursuing a hybrid work environment as part of their digital transformation strategy


Milestone offers global scalability, with a presence in 15 countries. Through our Partner Network, we can provide people and services nearly anywhere in the world quickly and cost efficiently.

Global Footprint and Scalability

Whatever your organizational strategy—digital transformation, operational efficiency — Milestone is here with customized consulting services across Cloud, Automation and AI, Application and Infrastructure and more.

Consulting and Project Management

Our services include Application Portfolio Management, Agile Development and Test Management. These services boost productivity, reduce operational expenses, and eliminate manpower intensive processes.

Managed Application Infrastructure Project-based services

Milestone’s IT Relocation Services with 20+ years of experience get your equipment moved and deployed in new locations to support your business needs. We are a trusted partner in Office Relocation and Data Center Migration space.

Data Center and IT Relocation Services

Our Smart Hands assistance includes deployment, installations, troubleshooting, IT Asset Life Cycle Management, Maintenance & Ticketing Support, Audits Inventory, Rack Elevations and Port-Mapping, and Management of DCIM Software.

Smart Hands and Break Fix Support


From consulting to planning and deployment to decommissioning, our suite of project-based solutions deliver exceptional support from highly skilled experts who understand workplace needs and implement an optimized project plan for IT infrastructure and service needs.


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