In our years of experience managing IT services for some of Silicon Valley’s largest companies, we have witnessed a plethora of ingenious solutions to business problems. However, the unprecedented global pandemic has completely disrupted the traditional work environment, necessitating the creation of safety measures at work centers.

We bring a ‘Return to Workplace’ solution framework that will aid employees to ease back to the workplace.

By leveraging our blended approach of people, process and technology, Milestone Technologies provides a hybrid, comprehensive, automation enabled solution to address the challenges of the pandemic. This ranges from pre-screening to office reconfiguration, manual screening by trained associates to automated processes that include monitoring actions via infrared camera, medical trackers and Bluetooth-enabled contact tracers.



It’s time to adapt to the new normal, to maintain healthy business operations and work environments
Safety and well-being of employees
Safety and well-being of employees,
Risk Management for partners and
third-party vendors
Operational & Logistical Framework
Operational & Logistical Framework
like screening process, monitoring
movement of people and data
Privacy and security considerations
Privacy and security considerations
around health information, compliance
with CDC Guidelines


Our service offering has been designed to address 3 areas of possible workforce inconvenience,
before entering the premises, at entrance and exits and within the office premises

The Digital Health Pass is a mobile application that uses blockchain and cryptographic techniques to help organizations manage employee health status while protecting individuals’ confidentiality and privacy. Everyone has complete control over their status information and who they share it with.

Pre-Screening(Manual or App Based)

The post-COVID office requires reconfiguration of spaces in order to promote social distancing and safety. Considerations include workstation redesign and rerouting, implementation of sanitization processes and environmental hygiene stations, provisioning of personal protective equipment and HR training.

Office Reconfiguration 

Everyone entering or exiting the workplace can be screened by a trained associate wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) or through infrared camera monitoring. Screenings will include temperature checks, mask detection, and pulse oximeter readings.

Manual or Automated Screening

A specially designed 5G A wearable solution with features like sensor technology, fall detection, temperature check, oxygen saturation reading. The contact tracer uses multiple, passive Bluetooth gateways to accurately report real time close contact (<=6 ft) between individuals.

Medical Tracking and Contact Tracing

An intuitive analytics dashboard that provides critical data for monitoring organizational and employee health. It also provides alerts and notifications of occupancy beyond threshold limits, social distancing violations, and compliance with CDC, OSHA, and company safety policies and guidelines.

Real Time Analytics


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