Beginners Call – What are Salesforce Editions and Salesforce Sandboxes?


Salesforce Sandbox

New to implementing to your organization? Are the terms editions and sandboxes driving you crazy? Though they seem similar and consequently confusing, they are not. Eager to find out more on what each means, then read this article written by our young Software developer Abhishek that promises to clear the air for you.

What are Salesforce Editions?

Any company implementing Salesforce for the first time or getting migrated to Salesforce CRM should choose the type of Salesforce edition based on their type of business. A set of Salesforce features wrapped together is what we call Editions. Salesforce provides 7 types of editions namely Personal Edition, Contact Manager, Group Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition and Developer Edition.

A detailed difference between the features available and variations of these features in each of the editions is available on

You can download the comparison chart on

You can understand the pricing on

For an existing user, to know what Salesforce edition you are running on, check the browser tab Title in which you have opened your Salesforce box. It should say something like “ –Unlimited Edition” which basically indicates your box is on ‘Unlimited Edition’ of Salesforce.

What are Sandboxes?

Salesforce gives you the ability to create multiple copies of your organization in separate environments for a variety of purposes, such as testing and training, without compromising the data and applications in your Salesforce production organization. These copies are called sandboxes and are nearly identical to your Salesforce production organization.

There are 4 types of sandboxes namely Developer Sandbox, Developer Pro Sandbox, Partial Copy Sandbox and Full Sandbox.

Developer sandbox is a special type of configuration only sandbox that is intended for coding and testing purpose for a single developer and has a 200 MB Data limit + 200 MB File Storage Limit.

Developer Pro sandbox is also a special type of configuration only sandbox that is intended for coding and testing purpose for a single developer and has a 1 GB Data limit + 1 GB File Storage Limit. It’s like the Developer sandbox with more space.

Partial Copy sandbox contains only the schema and some data of the production box which means it contains all the objects, reports, dashboards, documents and attachments and has a 5 GB Data limit + 5 GB File Storage Limit. This type of sandbox is intended for specific uses (for business or technical purpose) around a subset of schema & data. Therefore, a sandbox template (outlining the set of objects & data requirements) is often REQUIRED for creating the “Partial Copy Sandbox”.

Full sandbox is an exact copy of your production environment with all the data and schema. It has the same data limit as production box.

To order sandboxes for your organization, you need to contact 

Therefore to sum it all, Edition is the pack of features which we choose for the production box (organization) and sandboxes are isolated copies of the production box where coding and testing can be performed.



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