ServiceNow Asset Management: Hardware, Software, and Equipment

Corporate asset management has become much more complicated.  IT hardware and software might live in an employee’s home or a nameless server in the public cloud. Furniture or cubicles might live in a temporary co-working space and not on premise. Monitoring and managing these assets requires a powerful solution.

ServiceNow Asset Management lets administrators  acquire, store, provision, and retire assets easily. Organizations can avoid security and compliance issues, reduce costs, and create happier customers and employees.

ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management

When employees need a new piece of hardware, a manual process is often required.

(1) Send an email to IT. (2) Get a ticket created. (3) Assign it to a team. (4) Check availability. (5) Order and ship it. This can be a time-consuming process that causes significant speed and accuracy impacts along the supply chain.

ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management is designed to streamline the entire process and improve the end-user experience.

IT Hardware Management With ServiceNow

IT Hardware Management With ServiceNow

ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management lets administrators track their equipment from acquisition to EOL and everywhere in between.

On the administration side, ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management takes tracking to a whole new level. Beyond  displaying inventory levels, ServiceNow lets admins know where an asset is physically located, who has it, and when it was assigned. In addition, there are a variety of customizable alerts that are triggered in case of:

  • Depleting stock levels
  • Warranty expirations or product recalls
  • Service contract terminations
  • Assets reaching end of life (EOL)

Once an IT asset reaches EOL, administrators can schedule compliant hardware disposal, ensuring the erasure of any critical data and certified destruction of hard drives, eliminating the chance of a costly data breach.

ServiceNow Software Asset Management

With Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions it is now entirely possible for businesses to “forget” they own a piece of software while paying for it indefinitely.

There’s also the issue of software licensing.  If a software publisher audits a company and finds that its products aren’t being used as intended, it can inflict damaging costs.

ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) replaces spreadsheets and legacy SAM tools with a single system of action. By pulling data directly from the CMDB, administrators can obtain accurate, up-to-the-minute visibility into their software ecosystem. With real-time visibility into licensing, compliance, and costs, admins can sail through audits while minimizing costs and risks.

SAM section 1
Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

A company’s assets might be comprised of everything from furniture to HVAC equipment. ServiceNow Enterprise Asset Management makes it possible to replace scratch-built asset management systems with a purpose-built dashboard that covers everything including asset receiving, inventory audits, ERP integration, automatic reorders, and more.

With ServiceNow, administrators can minimize the responsibility of enterprise asset management and focus on doing what they do best.

ServiceNow Asset Management

Why Us?

Minimize the hard work of ServiceNow implementation. With over 20 years of ServiceNow expertise – in addition to our Elite Partner status – we’ll be able to create a fully-featured, customized ServiceNow implementation that will help companies meet their business goals.

Streamlined Implementation

ServiceNow is incredibly powerful, but it needs a solid foundation. This may include creating a CMDB integration, sunsetting legacy applications, and moving existing assets over to the new tracking system. It’s not a small effort, but we can handle the work for you. We have a proven track record of working on tight time limits with difficult requirements and delivering excellent results.

No Expertise Necessary

Want us to build a system and hand it over? Want us to run the system? Want us to handle training and maintenance? We can offer anything from a completely managed service to a completely self-service implementation. Should you choose the former, we promise you’ll be impressed by our commitment to your SLAs. Not only can we create a seamless asset management system, we’ll also run it in a seamless manner.

Ongoing Support

Work with us and enjoy a ServiceNow Asset Management implementation that grows and expands with your business. Receive a constant stream of updates, upgrades, and new features, all of them tailored so they work perfectly on day one.

ServiceNow Asset Management FAQ

Can ServiceNow track assets?

Yes! ServiceNow offers three fully-fledged asset tracking systems for IT hardware, software applications, and enterprise equipment. These systems are designed to fully integrate with the CMDB, giving administrators real-time visibility into mission-critical equipment.

What is ServiceNow Asset Management?

ServiceNow asset management is a system designed to help administrators track equipment throughout the business. Depending on the system, admins can track everything from coffeemakers and microwaves to servers and enterprise software.

What is the difference between CMDB and Asset Management in ServiceNow?

CMDB stands for Configuration Management Database. It’s a database that lists hardware and software assets in the form of Configuration Items (CIs). While CIs are useful when it comes to tracking issues in hardware, they’re less functional when it comes to tracking value over time.


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