An accurately organized and maintained Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is critical to business success.

Our CMDB expertise can help you maximize the potential and performance of your CMDB on the ServiceNow platform.

Why Your ServiceNow CMDB is Critical to Your Success

Improved Visibility – Provides a comprehensive view of IT configuration items (CI) and their relationships, allowing issues and dependencies to be quickly and accurately identified, monitored, maintained, and managed.

Greater Efficiency – Centralizes information about IT components and their configurations for easier management of changes, incidents, and updates.

Enhanced Compliance – Helps ensure compliance is maintained for industry standards and regulatory requirements.

More Informed Decision-Making – Delivers accurate and more complete information to enable teams to make better-informed decisions regarding their IT infrastructure.


The Milestone CMDB Difference

Your ServiceNow platform relies on a healthy CMDB to deliver the best return on your ServiceNow investment. Milestone is instrumental in making sure your CMDB goes above and beyond supporting your IT operations by:

  • Providing automation for discovering and inventorying IT components throughout your infrastructure
  • Simplifying management and tracking of IT infrastructure changes and configurations
  • Enabling relationship mapping for greater visualization and understanding of IT component interactions and dependencies
  • Allowing for faster identification and resolution of incidents by integrating with incident and problem management processes
  • Keeps you better informed with accurate reports and in-depth analytics on key metrics and KPIs

ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Because CMDB health is measurable and quantifiable, Milestone’s CMDB Solution empowers your management capability to unlock the full potential of your CMDB. It gives you greater visibility of your IT environment while supporting each department of your IT operations.

Milestone’s 5 Steps to a Healthy CMDB

Step 1: Set your direction

Review the existing configuration of the CMDB and identify whether current CI classes support process and business services. Create well-defined goals and objectives, identify the strategic company and IT initiatives, and define supporting use cases, to guide efforts to the desired outcome.

Step 2: Build a team and governance model

Identify key stakeholders, their roles and responsibilities, and conduct workshops and working sessions to guide the CMDB review process.

Step 3: Design your configuration data model

Architect a best practice CMDB Data Modeling and Data Management path by ensuring alignment to the ServiceNow Common Services Data Model (CSDM) framework. Leverage out-of-the-box CI classes to support common use cases.

Step 4: Operationalize configuration model

Put the configuration model into practice and gather performance data on CI components, including identification, delivery and interaction, reconciliation, dependencies, integrations, and more. Utilize the ServiceNow dashboard to maintain CMDB health by monitoring the completeness, correctness, and compliance of CMDB KPIs.

Step 5: Create ongoing strategic alignment

Maintain communication between stakeholders to keep the Configuration Management Plan up-to-date and aligned with the business strategy and responsive to any new business initiatives. Continue providing leadership and managerial oversight to help drive the evolution of the Configuration Management Roadmap to grow and deliver ongoing benefits to your business. Finally, tailor the configuration management plan to enable it to align with new project developments.

CMDB Health Check

The CMDB Health Check will help you understand the organizational value of your CMDB and develop processes to help maintain and monitor its health. Additionally, the Health Check can identify areas to scale up or down, help you track and optimize service delivery costs, and reduce technical debt and risk.Monitoring and maintaining the health of your CMDB is essential to the effective and continuous use of the ServiceNow platform and the key to greater infrastructure visibility, accountability, and business service quality.


Milestone’s Vlog Series: CMDB Chat

This exciting new series of vlogs is hosted by Scott Trumble, Director of our ServiceNow ITX Practice, and features the latest tips from leading ServiceNow experts.

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