A Quick Guide to Automated Testing in ServiceNow: Part I

 A Quick Guide to Automated Testing in ServiceNow: Part I

In the age of continuous delivery, teams must explore and deploy new testing approaches to stay ahead of the game. With the ServiceNow Automated Test Framework, your team can identify bugs quicker and reduce manual testing requirements to ultimately speed up the development process. Automated Test Framework can also significantly reduce the labor (and risk) associated with ServiceNow version upgrades.

In part one of this two-part series, I’d like to give you a brief overview and cover the technical requirements so you can take full advantage of the Framework.

What does the ServiceNow Automated Test Framework offer?

  • Automation of the testing of Forms, Service Catalog, Business Rules, and REST
  • Native/build-in testing of ServiceNow application functionality
  • Scheduling of Test Suites for automated testing; eliminating manual interaction
  • Scalability with creation of custom Test Step Configurations

As for the technical requirements, you will need to have the Istanbul release of the ServiceNow Automated Test Framework (at a minimum). The Jakarta release is my recommendation because you get a lot more functionality. The Jakarta release offers additional plug-ins for Inbound REST testing, the Scheduled Test Suite functionality, and the ability to test Service Catalog.

For any client UI testing like forms, you will need a ServiceNow Supported Web Browser version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, or Safari running the ServiceNow Client Tester.

A Client Tester is a web browser running on a computer with an internet connection to your development or test instance. The client testers are launched from the ServiceNow instance and periodically poll your instance for testing requests. Jakarta provides the ability to utilize Scheduled Client Testers in addition to the existing manually invoked client testers.

In my recent webinar, I cover this topic in depth. You can check out the on-demand webinar recording here: An Introduction to Automated Testing in ServiceNow.

Check out Part 2 of this article: A Quick Guide to Automated Testing in ServiceNow: Part II

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Automated Testing|Automated Testing|Automated Testing, A Quick Guide to Automated Testing in ServiceNow: Part IJohn is an accomplished ServiceNow technical consultant with 20+ years of IT industry experience and 10+ years of ServiceNow experience. He has implemented ServiceNow for 35+ projects ranging from Incident Management to Salesforce Integrations.



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