Has your ServiceNow instance stalled?

Has your ServiceNow instance stalled?

Your ServiceNow Instance Needs Help

You can’t make something out of anything. That’s a familiar saying for many of us. With ServiceNow, it can be true as well.

Many times over a company will decide to try a new system in order to solve its business problems. A quick project takes place and then a new platform is live and running smoothly for the first few months, maybe even for a few quarters. But it doesn’t matter how great the new system is or how well it is deployed, some of the original business problems begin to surface again. Issues like:

  • Taking customization too far
  • Falling behind on upgrades
  • A growing backlog of issues
  • No adoption of new features; shallow usage/utility
  • Training budgets are missing
  • Communication is lacking

Depending on how long it takes to address these issues, even ServiceNow instances can become unsupportable.

If this sounds familiar, your company may already be in a place where it is considering giving up on its ServiceNow investment and fixing it with a reflexive switch to yet another new tool. This is a knee-jerk approach and tool-swapping won’t fix the underlying problems because ultimately ‘nothing’ has changed.

To improve the business, it takes a different approach to overcome these organizational issues and process challenges. It takes an honest evaluation, a technical reset, and the formation of a strong ServiceNow Program to leverage the platform and guide its maturation.

The Milestone team is ready to restore your confidence in ServiceNow.

The team begins by evaluating your ServiceNow instance and supporting program. After completing a technical assessment of the ServiceNow instances, Milestone guides you through your options for resetting the system. Depending on the state of the instances, a reset could range from upgrade support and light remediation to a full zBoot and reimplementation. Each situation is unique and the Milestone team will review all options and advise you to weigh the pros and cons of each path.

As your system is recovered and optimized, Milestone will partner with the organization to put together a program with an achievable roadmap and targeted outcomes. Milestone will help you find the right balance based on your budget, resources, and schedule.

Milestone has helped many companies where ServiceNow has stalled. If you are ready to kickstart your instance, mature your ServiceNow program and maximize your investment returns, reach out to our team today. Nothing is stopping you.

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See our webinar  – We Implemented and Stalled. NOW What? Kick-start Your ServiceNow Program

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