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yTokyo Release

For enterprise organizations looking to increase operational efficiency, ServiceNow is the cloud-based platform solution that streamlines your workflow and automates everyday work tasks. The ServiceNow Tokyo release represents the latest innovations to the Now Platform and is designed to help organizations with a variety of complex workflows.

The ServiceNow Tokyo release has been in general availability since the Fall. So if you’ve already upgraded, are new to the release, or are new to the ServiceNow platform, get ready for a knowledge journey into the latest ServiceNow features. Welcome to Tokyo!

Your Passport Journey Starts with the Following Reviews of the Major Highlights of the Release

ServiceNow Vault

Security has always been a top-of-mind concern for successful organizations, and ServiceNow has provided a variety of solutions over the years to meet the data compliance and privacy needs of customers. The Tokyo release introduces a new security package called ServiceNow Vault and offers several premium features designed to empower organizations with greater control of their data security. The ServiceNow Vault package includes the following:

  • ServiceNow Platform Encryption
  • ServiceNow Data Anonymization
  • ServiceNow Code Signing
  • ServiceNow Secrets Management
  • ServiceNow Log Export Service

The ServiceNow Vault package diagram

For more information on the ServiceNow Vault, check out the Vault Data Sheet. To learn more about ServiceNow platform security, visit the ServiceNow docs site, or reach out to your Milestone or ServiceNow representative.

Admin Center

Just like a tour guide shows you the way, so you don’t miss a thing, working with our Elite ServiceNow Implementation Partner helps you leverage all the capabilities of the ServiceNow platform. And for platform owners and system administrators who may struggle with identifying new features and aligning them to strategic business goals, the Tokyo release offers a new central hub for acquiring intelligent, actionable insights from the ServiceNow platform: Admin Center.

This new workspace can be accessed at the top of your ServiceNow banner and will display a variety of “adoption blueprints.” These blueprints provide application recommendations organized by the business objective to simplify achieving a particular category of success targets.

For more information on the Admin Center and adoption blueprints, visit the ServiceNow product page or the ServiceNow docs site.

ECMAScript 2021

A long-awaited feature for senior developers on the ServiceNow platform is the introduction of support for new versions of JavaScript standard ECMAScript. With an over seven-year-old version of ECMAScript5 running support server-side scripts, developers’ requests for support of newer versions have been answered. In fact, for many years, ECMAScript6+ support has been the #1 top-voted request from the community.

ServiceNow is rolling out a limited version of support for ECMAScript6+ in Tokyo that they are calling ECMAScript2021 and supports ECMAScript versions 6-12, but currently, it is only available in custom apps. ServiceNow has also communicated that global support is on the roadmap, so let’s hope we see it in the next release.

For details on the unveiling of ECMAScript 2021, check out the developer blog post. You can also visit the ServiceNow docs site on JavaScript engine support to learn more.

Our short tour doesn’t scratch the surface of everything available in the ServiceNow Tokyo release. We invite you to continue your Tokyo knowledge journey and learn about some of the other features, including Email Translation, the App Engine, the Automation Engine, new industry solutions for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Supplier Lifecycle Management, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Management.

We hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the Tokyo release and found something of value in the short list of our favorite improvements. Keep an eye out for new content on other elements of the Tokyo release in future blog posts.

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Thank you for joining us on this journey. We look forward to exploring more of the features and benefits of ServiceNow with you.


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