ServiceNow IT Staffing and Integrated Project Delivery

Quickly assess complex situations, manage large projects and budgets, and tackle a wide array of technologies, applications, and timelines.

Your Elite ServiceNow IT Staffing & Integrated Project Delivery Partner

Since 2001, Milestone has established itself as a high-quality, high-value ServiceNow Project Delivery partner for organizations that need exceptional service with unmatched transparency and detail on every project.

Milestone ensures that cost-effective, scalable, and reliable IT solutions deliver the envisioned business value. Our services range across ServiceNow:

  • Integrated Project Delivery and Program Management
  • Development, Business, and Technical Analysis
  • IT Staffing, Systems Architecture, Security, Networking and Operations

Our ServiceNow Integrated Project Delivery clients count on us to repeatedly help with critical projects and augment their teams to solve capacity challenges.

ServiceNow Integrated Project Delivery and Program Leadership

Milestone’s ServiceNow Integrated Project Delivery experts have a balance of domain, business, and technical expertise to enable large enterprise initiatives to succeed.

We help you succeed with any technology challenge your business faces today with strong experience in:

  • Business case development
  • Scope definition, planning, budget management, issue, and risk management
  • Release definition
  • Management of development, test, and deployment

Build a Roadmap for the Future

Milestone excels in scoping requirements, crafting innovative solutions, and developing comprehensive business cases to create a roadmap for your project’s success. Our streamlined business processes create functional designs, ensure traceability through rigorous testing, and deliver robust solutions that can withstand the complexities of today’s and tomorrow’s business landscape.

Systems Architecture and Digital Design

Milestone Senior Architects translate high-level business requirements into high-level solution design (HLSD) for enterprise applications.

This provides end-to-end design and architectural direction that address the needs of the business, minimize stranded investment and technical debt, and leverage modern IT approaches embracing Microservices, Mobile, Containerization, Agile Sprints, CI/CD, Hybrid Cloud operational environments, and more.

Systems Architect

Application Development/QA/CI-CD

Milestone’s ServiceNow Project Delivery teams create new applications, services, and enhancements to software applications and integrated systems. Our developers work with various languages, technology stacks, and methodologies.

IT Operations Consulting

Milestone has expertise in IT staffing, IT operations management, networking, database, storage management, security, private and public cloud, service desk, and other infrastructure-related requirements.

IT Consulting

Infrastructure Management and Automation

Milestone’s ServiceNow Integrated Project Delivery services include administration, configuration management, monitoring and health management, ticketing, and IT audits. We can provide scripting and automation using tools such as Python, Node.JS, and PowerShell/VBScript to drive automation of recurring or complex conditions.

Hard to Acquire Legacy Application or Technology Specific Skills

Our ServiceNow Project Delivery team can provide expertise for roles maintaining specific applications or older technologies that other firms are unable to support. Examples include:

  • BI/analytics
  • Application-specific Security
  • Oracle DBA with application experience on EBS Vxx.x, etc.
  • And many more


Flexible Delivery Approach

Project and Deliverable Based

Project and Deliverable Based

Fixed Fee

Fixed Fee

Time and material and hourly rate

Time and Materials / Hourly Rates

Manage Services

Managed Services

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