Unlock the Full Value of Your ServiceNow® Capabilities With Process Management (Part 2 of 4 of Creating Your Advisory Services Roadmap)

Unlock the Full Value of ServiceNow With Process Management

(Part 2 of 4 of Creating Your Advisory Services Roadmap)

You’ve already set up your Technical Review and made the decision – and investment – to implement ServiceNow into your organization to drive your business forward. But are you getting the full value of what you’re paying for?

A key step in your journey to digitally transform your business is understanding how to harness the full potential of your technical capabilities. That’s where Milestone’s Process Management services come into the picture by helping you develop a ServiceNow Advisory Services Digital Transformation Roadmap.

Process Management Delivers Value on Your Existing Investment

Women's History Month Jill Hall RobinsonAll too often, I find organizations overlooking potential efficiency gains and missing opportunities to maximize what ServiceNow can do for their business. Why? Because they don’t have a clear picture of what their technology is truly capable of. That means they’re not getting full utilization out of their existing contract, putting themselves at a disadvantage.

At a high level, Process Management is about giving a deep, thoughtful review of all the different product capabilities within a particular organization’s system and helping understand whether they are efficiently mapped to what ServiceNow can do for them. The goal is to reveal answers to important questions, such as:

  • Are their current needs being met?
  • Which ServiceNow features are not being used?
  • Is there potential to create something new to better satisfy their business goals?

With those questions answered, we can move forward with strategizing and executing a plan for the next steps designed to yield measurable, objective results. Process Management is key to:

  • Driving process alignment that meets the needs of both clients and employees
  • Maintaining reliability with consistent availability and stability of services
  • Enhancing the user experience through improved communication with IT and users
  • Boosting productivity and preserving resources by improving internal process efficiency

Using Data and Research For Process Management Assessments

In order for Process Management to be successful, we need to make sure we’re applying the right inputs to yield the right outcomes. This means asking questions, doing research, understanding each client’s unique business challenges, identifying their specific needs, and compiling all this information into actionable data.

To make this happen, Milestone employs a robust, proven discovery process that includes effective fact-finding strategies, including:

  • Engaging in interviews with key people throughout the organization
  • Distributing process questionnaires and surveys to gather data​
  • Making in-depth comparisons of processes against existing system builds and stakeholder needs​

Start Making the Most of Your Technology
There’s a real pleasure that comes from helping organizations take advantage of value they didn’t know they already had access to through their existing ServiceNow contract. Using Process Management to connect the dots and discover these benefits feels almost like a magic trick – taking resources that already exist, analyzing what’s missing, and making strategic adjustments to yield greater results.

Process Management is an often overlooked yet critical part of any future-facing organization’s Advisory Services Digital Transformation Roadmap. When properly implemented, it can help businesses save time and money, minimize errors, and respond to the needs of their clients.

When you’re ready to start evaluating the full potential of what your organization can achieve with your existing technical capabilities, let Milestone help you discover what operational efficiencies your business is waiting to unlock.

Discover the benefits of managing user/stakeholder expectations when you establish your Program Development!

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