The fixed-price security incident response solution that works in minutes, not days. ActivateSIR (Security Incident Response) with ServiceNow.

Don’t Fear Risk. Confidently Deal with it.

ActivateSIR provides your teams with a powerful solution for identifying, investigating, and mitigating security incidents that could threaten the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of sensitive information.

Protecting your business’ assets, reputation, and, most importantly, the trust of your customers is why having a robust security incident response plan in place is crucial.

ActivateVR is easily tailored to fit your business goals and priorities and delivers a time-to-value in record time.

Data breaches for U.S. companies in 2022 averaged $9.44M ¹

Security incidents are inherent to doing business today. The hard truth is as businesses innovate and technology evolves, so does the threat of security incidents. So, what’s the solution? The empowered vigilance and capability of ActivateSIR.

ActivateSIR is a fixed-price security incident response implementation solution from Milestone, a ServiceNow Elite Partner. It delivers robust security incident response capability through a team of cyber-security professionals while maintaining a predictable cost.

With ActivateSIR, your organization is equipped with the essential tools to protect crucial digital assets in today’s constantly changing threat landscape.

ActivateSIR Delivers More Value and Better Results

Enhanced Incident Response

Streamlining the incident response process provides a centralized platform for managing and coordinating security events. This ensures incidents are detected, analyzed, and resolved quickly, minimizing the impact on business operations.

Predictable Costs

The fixed-price model of ActivateSIR allows you to budget accurately and plan cyber-security expenditures more effectively. With predictability, you benefits from better financial management and more efficient resource allocation.

ServiceNow Elite Status

Unlock a higher level of expertise and proficiency in implementing and managing ServiceNow solutions. As a ServiceNow Elite partner, our in-depth knowledge of ServiceNow enhances the integration of ActivateSIR, resulting in faster deployment and greater peace of mind.

Cyber-Security Expertise

ActivateSIR is backed by highly experienced cyber-security professionals with a deep understanding of the ever-evolving threat landscape and the necessary skills to address complex security challenges. This allows you to leverage the full potential of ServiceNow to create a robust incident response framework tailored to your specific needs.

Scalability and Flexibility

ActivateSIR offers scalability and flexibility to match your business growth and accommodate your evolving needs. The fixed price model allows you to easily scale incident response capabilities without incurring additional costs, which ensures that ActivateSIR remains adaptable and aligned with the evolving security landscape.

Streamlined Compliance

Easily meet regulatory and compliance requirements more efficiently through a framework for documenting and managing security incidents. ActivateSIR ensures you demonstrate adherence to regulations and standards through a streamlined approach that saves you time and resources by simplifying audit and regulatory reporting.

A Security Incident Process that goes from Zero to Done in Record Time

With ActivateSIR, you can leverage advanced automation capabilities that streamlines the incident response process, delivering results in hours instead of days or weeks.

It’s Not Just SIEM or SOAR. It’s More.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) are valuable tools for monitoring and responding to security threats.

SIEM collects and analyzes security-related data from various sources to detect security incidents. It provides real-time visibility into security events and allows security teams to identify and respond to potential threats quickly.

SOAR goes beyond just detecting security incidents and creating alerts. It helps to automate and orchestrate the entire incident response process, from detection to resolution.

ActivateSIR represents a more comprehensive security incident response solution offering greater efficiency and effectiveness for your business.

Best of all, Milestone stands ready to help customize and implement ActivateSIR to meet your specific security requirements with end-to-end support and expertise to enhance your organization’s entire incident response management capability.


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